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5 Best Chainsaw for Homeowners | Reviews for 2019

The Best Chainsaw Homeowners Can Buy at Amazon

Are you looking for the very Best Chainsaw for Homeowners to use?   Our updated Chainsaw Buyers Guide for homeowners – includes reviews for the 5 Best Chainsaws for Homeowners can use; each listed by Price and Performance to help you quickly decide which model suits you best.

“Best” can mean different things to different people.  Some may be looking at the best size chainsaw for a homeowner, while others may be looking for the best light-duty chainsaw.  Chances are you’re here because you have a property with some larger trees – and know that a Chainsaw is a must-have Tool you should own.

In addition, for any homes that include a wood-burning fire pit or fireplace, a Chainsaw is extremely handy for cutting logs into the proper size to be burned.

By the way, if you want to know what the best homeowner chainsaw is without having to read through the entire guide, we’ll help you out by telling you upfront. Our pick for the best homeowner chainsaw is the Husqvarna Rancher 450.

This gas-powered chainsaw features an 18-inch bar and a 3.2-horsepower engine that allows it to make quick work of heavy cutting jobs.  What is the Best Chainsaw For Homeowners?

To help you pick the best chainsaw for your needs, we’ve researched some of the top models out there by reading reviews of real buyers just like you. By doing this, we’ve been able to compile lists of their key features, advantages, and disadvantages that will help you compare them. Keep reading to see our top picks in each category and find out what each of these models has to offer.

Editor’s ChoiceRunner UpBest Value
Husqvarna 18 Inch 450e II Gas ChainsawEGO 16 in. CS1604 56-Volt Lithium-ion Cordless Chainsaw with 5.0Ah Battery and Charger IncludedBLACK+DECKER LCS1020 20V Max Lithium Ion Chainsaw, 10-Inch
Husqvarna 18 Inch 450e II Gas ChainsawEGO 16 in. CS1604 56-Volt Lithium-ion Cordless Chainsaw with 5.0Ah Battery and Charger IncludedBLACK+DECKER LCS1020 20V Max Lithium Ion Chainsaw, 10-Inch
$377.41$331.89from $79.99
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Best Chainsaw For Homeowners – Reviews For 2019


Best Overall Chainsaw: Husqvarna 450 Rancher

Husqvarna 450 18-Inch 50.2cc X-Torq 2-Cycle Gas Powered Chain Saw With Smart Start

A powerful and versatile model manufactured by Husqvarna, the 450 Rancher is a chainsaw that is equal to almost any task. In fact, some “pros” even consider this chainsaw one of the Best Professional Chainsaws on the market, due to its portable size and maneuverability in tight spaces.  Thanks to its brand reliability, power, and nearly perfect user size, the Husqvarna 450 Rancher tops our list as the best chainsaw for homeowners. With this chainsaw, small and even larger trees should prove to be no problem at all.

Key features of this model:

  • 18-inch bar
  • 50.2-cc engine
  • 3.2 horsepower
  • Air injection for improved filter and engine life
  • Vibration reducing design for quiet, easy use
  • 12.8-pound weight
  • 2-year Warranty
  • Smart Start Technology for quick starts

People who have bought and used the Husqvarna 450 Rancher almost universally comment on its incredible power and reliability. The saw’s durable construction is also mentioned as a major plus, especially by people who have used it to tackle large woodcutting projects. Users find it easy to cut through thick logs and even tree stumps with the Rancher 450. With its “Smart Start” technology – Most users find that the chainsaw starts easily and reliably, making it a major improvement on cheaper saws that require excessive time and effort to crank up.

At 12.8 pounds, the Rancher 450 is even lighter than our top-performing Electric Chainsaw the EGO CS1604, yet still performs remarkably.

“Best Overall Chainsaw for Homeowners” – See the Husqvarna on Amazon Here!


Runner Up – Chainsaw: EGO CS1604

EGO 16 in. CS1604 56-Volt Lithium-ion Cordless Chainsaw with 5.0Ah Battery and Charger Included

If you’re interested in owning a chainsaw that isn’t a Gas and Oil fueled chainsaw; Battery operated chainsaws have come a very long way in recent years, and nowhere is that more evident than in the EGO CS1604 16-inch model. Powered by a 56-volt lithium-ion battery, the CS1604 offers both more power and more running time than most users are accustomed to from a battery-powered saw. With its 16-inch bar, this chainsaw is more than capable of the medium-duty work most homeowners need to tackle on a regular basis.

Key Features of this Model:

  • 16-inch bar- Perfect size for most work
  • 56-volt lithium-ion battery rated at 5.0 amp-hours
  • Brushless electric motor for higher efficiency
  • Battery level indicator
  • Tool-free tensioning knob
  • 13.57-pound weight (battery included)

Reviews of the EGO CS1604 are somewhat scarce, but the reviews that are out there indicate that the chainsaw is powerful enough to cut through small and medium-sized logs quickly and easily. The overall construction of the saw is noted to be fairly heavy-duty, and users are pleasantly surprised by the amount of power provided by the 56-volt battery pack. The saw’s unusually long rear handle also allows users a more comfortable grip.

Although it rates well, particularly among electric chainsaws, the CS1604 does have a couple of downsides. The first is that the battery level indicator isn’t as reliable as it could be and appears to sometimes give false readings about the remaining battery life. Thanks to the bulk of a 56-volt battery, the EGO CS1604 is also quite heavy. Though the chainsaw is fairly ergonomic, users may find it a little heavy for extended use.

“Runner Up” – EGO CS1604 – See it on Amazon Click Here!


Best Value Chainsaw: BLACK+DECKER LCS1020

BLACK+DECKER LCS1020 20V Max Lithium Ion Chainsaw, 10-Inch

What is the Best Small Chainsaw? Homeowners who are on a budget often can’t afford or don’t need to buy a top-of-the-line professional chainsaw, will find this model right in their wheelhouse.  The B +D model is certainly one of the best value options out there, and in fact, we consider the  BLACK+DECKER LCS1020 the very best value for homeowners. The LCS1020 is a 20-volt battery-powered saw that is perfect for light work.

Key features of this model:

  • 10-inch bar – Super easy to maneuver
  • 20-volt lithium-ion battery
  • Tool-free tensioning knob
  • 7.2-pound weight

By far the most common advantage of the BLACK+DECKER LCS1020 mentioned by customers who have purchased it is its lightweight. Rated as a Best Small Chainsaw on the market; at just over 7 pounds, the Black & Decker chainsaw can easily be used by any homeowner. The 10-inch bar also helps to keep the saw manageable and maneuverable. This model is especially good for older buyers who still need to clear trees and cut up logs but who no longer feel comfortable with heavier chainsaws. Despite being a value option, the LCS1020 is also noted for having solid construction quality. Though the battery isn’t as powerful as the 56-volt version found on the EGO CS1604, it does provide users with a decent amount of running time that allows them to get through simple woodcutting projects quickly.

Best chainsaw for Homeowners for 2019

One disadvantage of this saw that has been noted by some buyers is a difficulty with the manual bar oiling system. In a handful of cases, the system appears to be defective on arrival, though this problem seems to be fairly uncommon. To be on the safe side, though, it’s a good idea to test the oiler when you first get this chainsaw.

“Best Value Chainsaw’ – See the Black & Decker Lightweight Chainsaw on Amazon 


Best Lightweight “Corded” Chainsaw: WORX WG304.1

WORX WG304.1 Chain Saw 18-Inch 4 15.0 Amp

If you want the lighter weight and reduced maintenance load that comes with an electric chainsaw but need more running time than a battery-powered model will give you, a lightweight corded model like the WORX WG304.1 may be the best solution for you. Is it the very best homeowner chainsaw on the market, not really, but it never runs out of power, and it’s very easy to use.  Aside from being a good chainsaw for medium-duty use around the house, the WG304.1 is also an excellent value model.

Key features of this model are:

  • 18-inch bar
  • 15.0-amp motor
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • 11.3-pound weight
  • Patented automatic chain tensioning system

Those who have purchased the WORX WG304.1 are consistently impressed with its ability to cut large, heavy logs and tree trunks. The power from the unit’s 15.0-amp motor, paired with the relatively long bar, makes the WG304.1 good for most non-professional cutting applications. Users also note that the saw is quiet and easy to use. The automatic tensioning system appears to be a fairly popular feature with users, as it prevents extended breaks in cutting to adjust the chain. Reviewers who have used the WG304.1 extensively before writing their reviews uniformly say that the saw holds up well and continues to work like new even after multiple cutting projects.

The one disadvantage that reviewers commonly note about the WORX WG304.1 is that the chain can wear out more quickly than on some other saws. Even those who have had this issue, though, note that the saw itself works very well while the chain is still in good shape. Difficulty in getting replacement parts for the saw is also cited as a concern.

Best “Corded” Small Chainsaw – See the WORX WG304.1 on Amazon – Click Here


Best Budget Pick Chainsaw: WORX WG303.1

WORX WG303.1 Powered Chain Saw, 16' Bar Length, red

If you’re looking for a chainsaw on a bare-bones budget, look no further than the WORX WG303.1 16-inch corded electric model. A smaller cousin of the WG304.1, the WG303.1 is nonetheless a high-quality saw that is excellent for light to medium-duty cutting. This quality is what makes the WORX WG303.1 one of the best selling chainsaw models in its price range.

Key features of this model are:

  • 16-inch bar
  • 14.5-amp electric motor
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • 11-pound weight
  • Patented automatic chain tensioning system

Customers who have bought this chainsaw frequently comment on both its considerable power and its ability to make quick work of light cutting tasks. The quiet operation of the electric motor is also an advantage that appears in several reviews. Most people find the WG303.1 lightweight and ergonomic enough for extended use, while still feeling that it is made well. The convenience of the automatic chain tensioning system also appears to be a significant plus of this model.

One problem that several reviewers have noted is the fact that standard bar and chain oil is too thick for use with this saw. If you are buying the WG303.1 to replace another chainsaw or as an alternative tool for lighter work, be sure to read the manual and check the recommended oil weight against the lubricant you already have in your garage, as using too thick an oil can cause problems. Users also note that this saw isn’t great for heavy work, which is to be expected given its price point.

Best Chainsaw on a Bare-Bones Budget – Check out this money saver on Amazon!


Before you start using that New Chainsaw around the home, Please check out this safety video from the fine folks at “This Old House”

How to Use a Chainsaw

Choosing the Best Chainsaw for Your Needs

To pick the best chainsaw for home use, you need to take a few different factors into account. For the most part, these factors will involve the kind of work you’ll need to do and your own tool preferences. Here are the 5 key things to keep in mind when buying a chainsaw:

  1. Bar Length

The length of a chainsaw’s bar plays a large role in determining what kinds of jobs it can handle. The longer the bar is, the larger the diameter of the logs it can cut will be. Keep in mind that you can cut larger trees with shorter bars by simply making more cuts, but doing so will involve extra work and time on your part. Using a bar that is too short also makes the saw more likely to bind inside a large tree or log. As a general rule, a 16-inch bar is the best size chainsaw for homeowner use. If you have large trees or lots of property, though, you may want to consider stepping up to a larger model.

Wondering How to Remove a Tree Stump with your Chainsaw? Check out our Article Here!


2) Power Source

Chainsaws can be run on gas engines, corded electric power or battery power. Gas engines tend to provide the highest amount of power, making them the best for heavy cutting. Corded electric chainsaws are convenient because they can run as long as needed without refueling and provide ample power, but many users find dragging a cord to be inconvenient. Since the cord has to be plugged in, corded chainsaws also aren’t practical for use on larger properties. Battery saws are more mobile, but typically provide less power than either gas or corded alternatives. In most cases, electric chainsaws will be lighter than similarly sized gas saws, owing to the higher weight of gas engines compared to electric motors.

3) Weight

Weight is a critical factor in picking out a chainsaw, as a model that is too heavy will be difficult for you to use easily. If you aren’t comfortable handling large, heavy tools, a lightweight electric chainsaw is likely the best option for you. If you don’t mind some added heft, though, a heavier gas saw will let you tackle larger jobs more easily.

4) Lubrication System

Keeping a chainsaw properly oiled is essential to ensuring that it stays in good shape. These days, most chainsaws lubricate their chains automatically by drawing on an internal oil reservoir. Be aware, though, that there are still some manual models out there. These manual systems will require you to press a button or switch on the chainsaw to eject oil onto the chain. If you’re comfortable enough working with power equipment that you can remember to do this regularly, a manual system should be no problem. If you don’t think you will remember, though, an automatic lubrication system is a much better option.

5) Tensioning System

A final thing to keep in mind is the system that allows you to adjust the tension on your chain. Some saws require tools to adjust the tension, while others simply feature a knob on the side of the chainsaw housing. In the case of the WORX chainsaws, an automatic tensioner comes into play. While tool-free tensioning systems are very convenient, people who are experienced with power equipment should have no trouble using a tool-dependent model.



If you’re looking for the best homeowner chainsaw for your personal needs, there’s a good chance that one of these five models will be the best fit for you. Thanks to its power, bar size, and overall construction quality, we rate the Husqvarna Rancher 450 as our top overall pick. However, the best model for you will depend on the project you need to tackle and your own level of comfort using chainsaws. If you’re looking for the best small chainsaw we highly recommend the Black + Decker LCS1020. Go ahead and compare the features of these models, and you should quickly be able to figure out which one of them is the best option for you.

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