7 Best Gas Weed Eater | String Trimmer (Reviews for 2023)

The Best Gas String Trimmers (Weed Eaters) On The Market for 2023

Are you looking for the Best Gas Weed Eater in 2023?  I’ve been there too, wanting to find the Best gas-powered String Trimmer that’s been tested and reviewed by real people, backed by a strong warranty, and sold at a competitive price that I can afford.  And yes, one I can get quickly!

Today we’ll feature our carefully researched list to find the best straight-shaft string trimmer and curved-shaft trimmer you can buy.   We further review the Best weed eater “Brand” for every budget and every type of application – from large properties to small yards.

Note: Except for the High Wheelwalk behind string trimmer, the gas String Trimmers we review today all feature the far more popular 2-cycle gas engine (vs. 4-cycle engine). This is due to the 2-cycle typically being lighter, easier to start, and fewer maintenance requirements than 4-Cycle engines.

In a hurry? Check out the Husqvarna 128LD 28cc 2-Cycle String Trimmer offering the best Straight-Shaft gas trimmer on the market, with incredible power, variable speed control, and a 17″ cutting path to get the job done fast!

7 Best Gas Weed Eaters (For 2023)

Let’s check out the Pros and Cons of Gas-Powered String Trimmers and help you decide which products best fit your needs.

Best Overall: Husqvarna 128LD – 17″ Path Straight Shaft trimmer

Husqvarna 128LD Gas String Trimmer, 28-cc 2-Cycle, 17-Inch Straight Shaft Gas Weed Eater with Detachable Shaft for Easy Transport and Storage

  • 28cc engine
  • 17-Inch Cutting Width
  • Uses .095 diameter trimmer line
  •  2-cycle engine with 28 cc Engine displacement 
  • Straight Shaft. Transmission gear ratio: 1.4
  • Weight only 11 lbs.
  • CONS:
  • Premium performance comes at a premium price.
  • The Carburetor may need some adjustments out of the box.

The engine and starter on the Husqvarna gas trimmers are designed to start quickly with minimum effort, thanks to their unique Smart Start function. Their weed eater trimmer also includes an auto-return stop switch.

When the machine is turned off, the stop switch automatically returns to the start position for easier starting. These features make the Husqvarna trimmer ready to go anytime you need to keep your lawn free of unwanted grass and weeds.

The Verdict

It is understandable if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a tool that isn’t be used for extended time intervals. But the Husqvarna Straight Shaft was the clear favorite in our quest to find the top-rated weed eater.

So if you want to get rid of weeds fast, desire the most professional-looking lawn, and can afford the entry price – Husqvarna could be where your search ends.

Husqvarna Gas String Trimmer


“Runner Up”: Best 20″ Path – Gas String Trimmer: Husqvarna 330LK

Husqvarna 330LK Gas String Trimmer, 28-cc 2-Cycle, 20-Inch Straight Shaft Gas Weed Eater with Rapid Replace Trimmer Head for Seamless String Reloading

  • This straight shaft gas trimmer is similar in power to the Editors Pick. However, the Husqvarna 330LK trimmer offers a 20″ Cutting Path instead of the 17″ path of the 128LD trimmer.
  • The 330LK trimmer includes a “Rapid Load” oversized trimmer head.  Align, insert the trimmer line, twist to load, and Done!
  • Equipped with a 28cc 2-cycle engine with QuickStart technology makes, pull starts 30% easier.
  • Dual-line bump head with .095″ line for greater control
  • Comfortable Handle – With Low Vibration Technology.
  • 20-inch cutting swath trims more comprehensive sections of tall grass in less time
  • Power Handle Interchanges with 15 Different Husqvarna Tools.
  • Cost:  The 330LK trimmer costs nearly $300 but offers many more features.

The wildly popular Husqvarna 20″ Gas Trimmer has a 28cc 2-cycle engine with QuickStart technology, which reduces the effort it takes to pull-start the engine.

The Husqvarna 330LK straight shaft design makes trimming and cutting under bushes, hedges, and other hard-to-reach places easier.

And if it didn’t cost $80 more than the editors pick, it would be our number #1 choice for any buyer. However, as it offers significantly more options, the price may be out of reach for many homeowners.

The 20-inch cutting swath and dual-line bump head make trimming a wide grass area easy without stopping to refill the trimmer line. Reload the string trimmer line easily by tapping the cutting head on the ground while operating.

A 2-year limited warranty backs the Husqvarna string trimmer.

The Verdict

Suppose you want something versatile that handles maximum weeds and can accommodate multiple Husqvarna tools. In that case, this is a weed eater you should consider, with outstanding ratings on Amazon from genuine customers. 

Husqvarna 20″ Gas String Trimmer


Best Value:   STIHL Weed Eater (FS38) Gas-Powered With 15″ Path.

Stihl Weed Eater - Best Home Gear
STIHL Weed Eater – Besthomegear.com
  • STIHL is the Top Gas-Powered Lawn Equipment Brand
  • 7 cc 2-cycle engine. It doesn’t sacrifice power and is Lightweight 
  • Very Affordable
  • Weighs Only 9.3 Lbs.
  • Easy winding .095 trimmer line head included
  • 15″ wide Cutting path
  • Curved Shaft to lessen fatigue from bending over
  • Anti-vibration system to reduce user fatigue
  • S-Start recoil starting system reduces the force needed to start the engine.
  • Carburetor adjustment may be required out of the box to run smoothly.
  • STIHL Weed Eater model FS38 is 2-Cycle: Requires Oil/Gas Mix

Our Take:

With very positive reviews from our crew and even some commercial contractors we know,  the STIHL FS38 String trimmer checks all the boxes for a lightweight and well-performing Gas Weed Eater. 

The STIHL Brand has long been synonymous with “Quality & Dependability,” and If you want to use a more lightweight weed eater over a comparable (but more expensive) Husqvarna and one that comes with built-in Anti Vibration, The STIHL 15″ Gas Trimmer is an excellent choice.

STIHL FS38 – 15″ Gas-Powered Weed Eater 



Husqvarna: Model 128CD – Best Curved shaft trimmer 

Husqvarna 128CD 17' Cutting Path, Detachable Gas String Trimmer


  • Auto Return Stop Switch – The stop switch automatically resets to the ON position for easier starting
  • Air Purge – Removes air from the carburetor and fuel system for easy starting
  • Smart Start – The engine and starter have been designed so the machine starts quickly with minimum effort
  • Detachable Shaft – Too less coupler separates shaft for easy transport and storage
  • A multi-purpose machine with several attachments available as accessories
  • Curved shaft limits reach under bushes vs. straight shaft. However, it does create less bending. 
  • No other legitimate complaints with this model
The Not So Good

The unfortunate reality of looking for budget trimmers is that you must forego the highest quality parts for cheaper ones. You don’t get a professional-looking lawn and may have to purchase another one.

However, this product is no slouch. You’ll still have a good lawn and get the added benefit of saving hundreds of dollars.

The Verdict

The engine and starter on the Husqvarna Curved Shaft Gas trimmers are designed to start quickly with minimum effort, thanks to the unique Smart Start function. This curved shaft model has a slightly smaller cutting and weighs 2 lbs. more than its brother – our #1 Pick.  But if the price is a consideration – this one costs about $50 less.

Husqvarna Gas String Trimmer


If you’d like to see the best “Replacement Trimmer heads” you can buy – check out our product review article here.

Troy-Bilt Gas Trimmer –  Value Trimmer With 16″ Cutting path – 25cc engine

Troy-Bilt Gas String Trimmer, 25cc, 16-inch (TB25SB)

  • SureFire Fuel Delivery System. Easy as Prime, Choke and Pull the starter.
  • Powerful 25CC 2-Cycle Engine – No Mixing Oil and Gas Ever!
  • Effortless Pull Starting – Spring-assisted starter system for ease of starting.
  • Straight Shaft for Longer Reach
  • The auto return stop switch automatically resets the ON position for easier starting.
  • Equipped with a dual-line feed Tap’N Go head for a superior cutting result. Reloading the trimmer spool is quick and straightforward.
  • Air Purge removes air from the carburetor and fuel system for easy starting
  • Straight shaft – preferred and generally on more expensive models
  • 15 lb. weight tied for the heaviest of the gas trimmers we reviewed.

Troy Bilt trimmers boast features that ensure ease of use. The TB25SB model features a 25cc, 2-stroke engine with a straight shaft and 16″ cut path.

The Not So Good

The biggest complaint with this device is the older type “bump-feeder” head; otherwise, we think it’s a very solid-performing gas weed eater trimmer, especially in this more moderate price range.

The Verdict

The Troy Bilt 16″ Trimmer offers excellent power and the features you want in a String Trimmer if you plan to trim your yard for 30-40 minutes.

Troy Bilt – Gas String Trimmer



Best Upgrade:  Echo String Trimmer – SRM-225 17″ 

String Trimmer, 21.2CC, 17 in. Cut Width

  • Echo is one of the most respected brands in outdoor power equipment
  • 21.2 cc – most efficient fuel specs on the market
  • Includes the “i-30 starting system” for 30% less strenuous starting
  • Speed-Feed 400 trimmer head – reloads in seconds
  • Anti-Vibration motor
  • lightweight at 11 lbs.
  • Price.  It’s tied with our #1 pick, which includes a “Prime” 2-day shipment. This one is not, but shipping is still free.

The Not So Good

The only complaint about this product was the relatively high price.

For some, it may also be slightly underpowered due to its high-efficiency 21.2 cc engine.  

The Verdict

The Echo String trimmer: If you can afford it, it is comparable to our #1 Pick, the Husqvarna Straight Shaft Trimmer.  When writing this article, they were both the same price and packed with great features. Husqvarna gets a slight nod because of its more powerful 28 cc engine.

ECHO Gas String Trimmer



Best “Walk Behind” – 22″ Path “TAZZ High-Wheeled” String Trimmer 

TAZZ 40095 Walk-Behind String Mower/Trimmer, 160cc 4-Cycle Gas Engine, Large 14' Wheels, One-Piece Steel Deck, 22” Cutting Swath, Never Kill Engine, Fold Down Handlebars

  • 160cc OHV Gas Engine: Powerful 4-cycle gas engine helps you clear the tallest, toughest grass and weeds.
  • 22-Inch Wide Cutting path: Unique shape makes trimming around fences, garden beds, and other landscaping borders easier, cutting bigger jobs down to size.
  • Very Large 14″ Diameter Wheels
  • Fold-Down Handlebars for easy storage
  • User-Friendly: Offset trimmer head feature helps to trim hard-to-reach places while the 12-inch ball-bearing wheels help you move quickly through rough terrain.
  • Comfort Folding Handle: Equipped with a folding handle for convenient storage and transportation.
  • The Trimmer line is standard .155” in diameter.
  • None we could find!

The TAZZ 22″ Walk Behind user-friendly trimmer will help make big jobs seem small and help you clear the tallest, toughest grass and weeds. Its compact size lets you get into those hard-to-reach areas and remove the toughest grass and weeds.

The 22″ cutting diameter makes it easier to trim in those hard-to-reach places, and the large wheels make maneuvering around smaller areas a breeze.

The Wheeled Trimmer is easy to push around your yard with ease.  The TAZZ 22″ Gas-Powered High Wheel Trimmer will help you quickly cut down even the most giant jobs.

The Verdict

This product offers an entirely different approach from typical Weed Eaters.  With a 22″ cutting path, High wheels for rough terrain, and the ability to tackle stricter cuts than standard string trimmers, it’s become a favorite amongst many customers. 

At 78 lbs., it’s not exactly light, but the Large 14″ wheels make maneuverability much more effortless. Consider this product if you have a large lot or plan on more for trimming than you would choose to do with a hand-held trimmer.

TAZZ 22″ Wheeled – Gas String Trimmer


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Is the Best Gas Weed Eater Brand?

The Top Gas Weed Eater Brands are Husqvarana, Echo, Craftsman, and Troy-Bilt.  These gas string trimmer companies have been around for decades, have extensive models, and enjoy a strong reputation for building quality yard equipment. 

What is the Best Commercial String Trimmer?

The best overall “hand-held” commercial string trimmer is the Husqvarna 128LD; with a straight shaft, and a powerful 28 cc gas-powered engine, it is durable, lightweight, and affordable for most commercial applications.

As a runner-up to commercial jobs that include heavy-duty weeds or brush, we’re big fans of the TAZZ 22″ High-Wheeled Gas-Powered Trimmer.

Which is Better Curved or Straight Shaft Weed Eater?

In most cases, the Straight Shaft weed eater is favored over a Curved Shaft weed eater. The reason is “better reach.”  You can easily reach under bushes with a straight shaft trimmer, which is more difficult with a curved shaft.

That said, A Curved shaft is a more comfortable tool to use if you have back problems or find a gas weed eater heavy to use. Because of the curved rod, you don’t have to bend over to use it, offering more relief on the back and arms.

How Do You Use a Gas-Powered Weed Eater?

Sometimes it’s better to show than to describe how to use powered equipment such as gas string trimmers.  With that In mind, check out this video from “This Old House”: 

What are the Benefits of Gas vs. Battery Powered Weed Eaters?

These are the Top 4 Benefits of Using Gas Vs. Electric Weed Eaters.

Freedom of Movement

The apparent benefit of the gas-powered string trimmer is that you can go anywhere you need to go without managing an extension cord while operating the trimmer.  Furthermore, you’ll never have to worry about a Low Battery, which can plague cordless trimmers if used for long durations.


Compared to the top-rated Cordless (battery) String Trimmers on the market (EGO & DeWalt), our Best Pick gas trimmer, the Husqvarna 128LD Gas-Powered Trimmer, is less expensive.


Cordless weed eaters aren’t as powerful as Gas Powered machines.  That’s simply a fact that isn’t up for debate.  And while cordless weed eaters are making huge advancements in power, they still lack the more significant cutting path and cutting power of the top-rated gas trimmers.

If you have a large yard or heavy weeds to tackle, Gas is the right equipment choice.


Like our top 3 picks, Premium Gas Trimmers weigh slightly less than a DeWalt cordless string trimmer due to the weight of the lithium-ion batteries.


When it is time to do yard work, you want to know that you have the tools to complete it correctly. And string trimmers/weed eaters are one of those tools. Today we showed you seven (7) of the best gas weed eater-string trimmer models to buy, and we’re confident one of these will fit your needs.

But if you’re still undecided and need a little nudge, I’ll help you.

Our Top Picks for Best Gas-Powered Weed Eater/String Trimmer:

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References & Further Reading

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