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10 Best Heated Gloves (Reviews for 2022)

The Warmest Heated Gloves For All Winter Activities

If you’re looking for the Best Heated Gloves, you’re in the right place.  And, whether you spend your winters outside for work, or play, you have to keep your hands warm in icy cold temperatures, or you’re going to be cold all over.  Today we will provide reviews and videos for the best battery-powered heated gloves on the market – and help you find the pair that’s best for your needs.

How Do Heated Gloves Work?

Heated Gloves generate heat by way of (waterproof) carbon fiber heating pads; located between the inner layers of heated gloves. The heating pads are charged by Lithium-ion batteries, connected to – and stored in the concealed pocket of each glove. Heated gloves can provide heat for up to 7 hours on a single charge.


What To Look For in Heated Gloves:

As you consider the Best Gloves for Your winter activities; Here are the 5 most important features we consider for heated gloves:

FITThe first feature to consider in Heated Gloves is the “Fit”.  The manufacturer links we provide in the heated glove reviews below – include a “size chart” to help you determine the best fit for your hand size.  As the saying goes, If the gloves don’t fit – don’t wear them (Or was that shoes?) 🙂

In addition, many people purchase heated gloves for stiff joints, arthritis, or Raynaud’s disease.  If you’re in this category, you may find yourself wearing heated gloves indoors, as well as outdoors.  If so, we suggest you consider heated glove liners – which are thinner and allow more flexibility to do indoor tasks easier.

Heat Production –  All heated gloves are not created equal.  While some include only heat to the fingers or heat to the hand only, the best-heated gloves for warmth – Include Both.  That’s why we only recommend heated gloves with heat zones in fingers and hands.  In addition, as it’s important that the insulation inside is effective, many also include 3m brand fleece insulation.

Battery Life –  Most of the battery-powered heated gloves we suggest below include a 7.4-volt lithium-ion rechargeable battery and battery charger, however, some heated gloves such as our runner-up – the Velazzio heated gloves – include a high-capacity 5-volt battery.  If price is a consideration, or you’re not using them for extreme winter sports – you should be ok with 5-volt batteries.

Waterproof & Wind Resistant  – If you plan on wearing gloves for winter sports such as snowmobiling, skiing, ice fishing, or sledding – where you come in contact with wet snow or rain – we highly recommend selecting waterproof heated gloves.  In addition, if you are buying heated gloves for motorcycle riding, you may want to look for wind-resistant heated gloves.

Price – In our research, we discovered several “cheap heated gloves” that can be purchased for under $50.  As with any cold-weather clothing, we also looked at the quality, features, and customer reviews to determine its true value.  The famous “you get what you pay for” adage certainly applies to this particular product.

The best-heated gloves worth consideration start at around $90 USD.  Heated gloves are truly engineered pieces of clothing, and If the gloves do not perform as described, or maintain their quality under reasonable wear, you will be disappointed with that purchase.  Please choose wisely.

(Quick Look – “Best Heated Gloves To Buy”)


Editor's Choice - Savior Heated GlovesRunner Up - AKASO Heated GlovesBest Premium Heated Gloves - OroroBest Heated MIttens - Snow Deer
SAVIOR HEAT Heated Gloves for Men Women, Rechargeable Electric Heated Gloves, Heated Skiing Gloves and Snowboarding GlovesAKASO Heated Gloves for Men Women, Electric Heated Ski Gloves with 3 Heating Modes, Thermal Insulation Winter Hand Warmers with Rechargeable Battery-Overheating Protection- Best Gift, Black(M)ORORO Heated Gloves for Men and Women, 3-in-1 Warm Gloves for Hiking Skiing Motorcycle (Black & Gray,M)Heated Gloves,Mens Womens Heated Ski Gloves Mittens,7.4V 2200MAH Electric Rechargeable Battery Gloves for Winter Skiing Skating Snow Camping Hiking Heated Arthritis Hand Warmer Gloves(M)
SAVIOR HEAT Heated Gloves for Men Women, Rechargeable Electric Heated Gloves, Heated Skiing Gloves and Snowboarding GlovesAKASO Heated Gloves for Men Women, Electric Heated Ski Gloves with 3 Heating Modes, Thermal Insulation Winter Hand Warmers with Rechargeable Battery-Overheating Protection- Best Gift, Black(M)ORORO Heated Gloves for Men and Women, 3-in-1 Warm Gloves for Hiking Skiing Motorcycle (Black & Gray,M)Heated Gloves,Mens Womens Heated Ski Gloves Mittens,7.4V 2200MAH Electric Rechargeable Battery Gloves for Winter Skiing Skating Snow Camping Hiking Heated Arthritis Hand Warmer Gloves(M)
$139.99$89.99$159.99Price not available


The 10 Best Heated Gloves – For 2022


Editors Choice:  Savior Heated Gloves 

SAVIOR HEAT Heated Gloves for Men Women, Rechargeable Electric Heated Gloves, Heated Skiing Gloves and Snowboarding Gloves

Why We Like Them:

When it comes to the question of “are heated gloves worth it?” – Savior Heated Gloves provide a definite “YES”.   While supplying the highest-in-category – 7.4 volts of lithium battery power, a water repellent shell, 3 heat settings, up to 5 hours use on a single charge – we think you would agree – These are the best-heated gloves for the price.

The Savior brand heated glove is also sold in Unisex sizes – So you can size accordingly, and easily find the right heated gloves for men, heated gloves for women, and even children’s heated glove sizes in X-Small.

Savior Heated Gloves Video:



  • 3- Heat Settings – Low, Medium, High
  • Leather Palms – Non-Slip heavy-duty grip
  • 6 Heat Zones – Back of hand + Five Fingers
  • 2 – Rechargeable Batteries Included
  • Water Repellent Shell
  • Buckle strap to keep Snow out – Heat In
  • Index Finger Touchscreen capable 
  • Reflective Safety Piping
  • 5 colors including Camo
  • Up to 8 hours of continuous heating
  • 3 Temperature Settings

Our Takeaway

For our number one choice in any product, we select the best product for the very best value, and in this case, that choice is Savior Heated Gloves.  There are certainly more expensive brands – such as Outdoor Research or Seirus heated gloves that will nick you for over $450/pair. 

But why? For us, Savior gloves simply check all the boxes we’re looking for to guard against cold weather- and for less than $120,  outperformed our expectations.

Word of Caution:  When choosing the Savior brand of heated gloves – Our Link below will take you to the better model of Savior heated gloves – these have a Leather Palm (vs. fabric palm).  Savior does make less expensive versions – for those with a tighter budget.

Best Heated Gloves – Savior (Premium Model)





Runner Up –  Akaso Heated Gloves for Men & Women

AKASO Heated Gloves for Men Women, Electric Heated Ski Gloves with 3 Heating Modes, Thermal Insulation Winter Hand Warmers with Rechargeable Battery-Overheating Protection- Best Gift, Black(M)

Why We Like Them:

For those who are looking for an outstanding heated glove with fewer “bells and whistles”, we not only like the Akaso Heated Gloves as our runner-up but also as our “best value” heated gloves.  In addition to many features including 3-heat settings, waterproof fabric, 3m insulated fabric, and a great price, these are some of the best heated gloves for comfort we reviewed.

Akaso is also one of the best-styled heated gloves available on Amazon.  They just look less bulky and are a little more flexible to use than the Savior Brand above.

Akaso gloves also have touchscreen pads – located on the fingertip and thumb, making them perfect for mobile phone and tablet use in the cold.


  • 3 -temperature settings – 30 seconds to Warm
  • Single heating zone across the back of hand and fingertips
  • Up to 8 hours continuous heating
  • 3200 mm Volt battery and charger included
  • Touchscreen fingertip pads for mobile devices
  • Weatherproof Shell – 3m Insulation

Our Takeaway:

The Akaso heated gloves offer reflective safety piping, so we can recommend them for cycling or snowmobiling, and,  if you’re looking for a less bulky heated glove, suitable for any other winter activity – these heated gloves are an outstanding choice and a really good bargain.

Runner Up – Akaso Heated Gloves



Most Heat Settings  – Begleri Heated Gloves

Heated Gloves for Men Women - Electric Heating Gloves, Battery Heated Motorcycle Gloves Rechargeable

Why We Like Them:

Begleri Heated Gloves offer most of the same functions as more expensive brands – but at a far reduced cost.  In fact, Begleri heated gloves have 5 heat settings – more than any other brand – and provide steady heat to the backs of hands and all fingers.

In addition, this heated glove model includes two powerful 7.4v lithium batteries, a charger, and up to 11 hours of heat duration.


  • Heated Zones at Back of hand and all fingers
  • 5 – Temperature Control Settings
  • Battery low indicator
  • Fully Adjustable wrists and cuffs
  • Unisex Sizing 
  • Durable Waterproof Shell
  • Warm Fleece Lining
  • Reflective Trim 

Begleri Heated Glove Video:


Our Takeaway

When we took a look at the best-heated gloves, we were quite impressed with the value, features, and construction of this particular brand.  Offering 2 additional heat settings and a battery indicator light – that more expensive gloves do not, Begleri has set out to build a very impressive rechargeable heated glove – at a very reasonable price.


Best “Value” Heated Gloves – BEGLERI




Best “Premium” Heated Gloves – “Ororo – 3 in 1 Heated Gloves”

ORORO Heated Gloves for Men and Women, 3-in-1 Warm Gloves for Hiking Skiing Motorcycle (Black & Gray,M)

Why We Like Them:

As they do with their full lineup of heated jackets, vests, pants, etc. the Ororo brand again finds the perfect blend of Premium grade features at an affordable (if not slightly more expensive) price.

The Ororo 3-in-1 heated gloves, however, run the tables a step further than any other gloves in our review. Ororo offers users a 3-in-1 heated glove with 3 different wearing options. 

  • Wear the Non-heated waterproof Liners alone, as a casual warmth option
  • Wear the Heated waterproof gloves alone for everyday winter tasks, or
  • Or, Wear both the liner and heated glove together for maximum protection in extreme conditions.


  • 3 Optional Choices in one Glove – Liner Only, Glove only, Liner + Glove
  • 7.4-volt lithium-ion batteries and charger included
  • Up to 8 hours Continuous Heating
  • Water Resistant Outer Layers
  • Non-Slip Palms for Good Grip
  • Adjustable straps and Cuffs
  • Hand Shaped Composite Heating elements (Back of Hand, Front of Fingers)
  • Touchscreen Compatible (Mobile device and Tablets)
  • 3 – Temperature Settings
  • Both Liner and Glove are Water Resistant
  • Up to 8 Hours heating run time
  • LED onboard control on each Glove


Our Takeaway

While the Ororo 3-in-1 gloves are a little pricier than other gloves in our Heated Gloves reviewed above, they offer more outstanding features than other cheaper heated gloves. in our opinion, these are the most Versatile and Best heated gloves you can buy for the price – even boasting some features super high-end heated gloves don’t offer.





Best Heated Glove “Liners” – Savior Brand  – Unisex Heated

Heated Glove Liners for Men Women, Rechargeable Battery Electric Heated Gloves, Winter Warm Glove Liners for Arthritis Raynaud, Thin Gloves Riding Ski Snowboarding Hiking Cycling Hand Warmers

Why We Like Them:

When you spend most of your winter activity driving, cycling, or shopping, you may not need the extra cold, wind, or waterproof protection of full-featured heated gloves.

For those times, Savior Heated Glove Liners are the right choice.  Referred to as “Glove Liners” because they are thin enough to wear under a normal pair of winter gloves – they function just like heated gloves.

And because heated Glove liners are thinner, they can be worn “as-is” or under another pair of gloves.

Perfect for driving with a non-slip grip, heated liner gloves offer the same features as heated gloves including; 3-temperature settings, 7.4v rechargeable batteries (and charger), touchscreen compatibility (for mobile and tablet devices), and best of all – heated elements on the hands and fingers.


  • 7 – Heating zones (Sleeves, Chest, Back, and Collar)
  • 3- Temperature control settings – LED button on the jacket  
  • 10- Temperature control settings with Bluetooth app.
  • Wind and Water Resistant
  • Machine washable
  • Stow-away pouch for easy storage in a pannier
  • 12-volt interconnectivity with a motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile battery
  • Unlimited heated run-time

Our Takeaway

These are also the best-heated glove (liners) for Arthritis, Raynaud’s disease, Poor Circulation, or stiff joints – as they are lighter, more flexible, and much less bulky than heated gloves.

For those looking to keep their hands warm like cyclists or hikers, we think these are the best gloves on the market.  These sports require a lot of cardio and therefore generate a lot of heat. 

For this reason, and for those looking to find the best-heated gloves for cycling or the best-heated gloves for hiking – these heated glove liners from Savior are our #1 Choice.

With a slim-fit design, multiple heating options, and a fashionable design – we can almost guarantee this will be your “go-to” pair of everyday heated gloves.

Best Heated Glove Liners – Savior 




Best Heated “Mittens” –  Snow Deer – Professional Heated Mittens

Heated Gloves,Mens Womens Heated Ski Gloves Mittens,7.4V 2200MAH Electric Rechargeable Battery Gloves for Winter Skiing Skating Snow Camping Hiking Heated Arthritis Hand Warmer Gloves(M)

Why We Like Them:

Snow Deer heated Mittens provide one of the absolute warmest ways to keep your hands warm in the winter.  The best-heated Mittens – by design – allow all of your fingers to “share” one heated space vs. heated gloves which require separate heating elements for your fingers.

Preferred by skiers and snowmobilers that need a whole-hand grasp for their sport. Snow Deer mittens take that design – then enhance  – it by producing battery-powered mittens in a luxurious combination of sheep leather for a non-slip grip, and weather repellent fabric to shed wet snow.

Adding to those features are two powerful 7.4v rechargeable batteries, battery charger, 3 – heat settings, and adjustable wrist, and cinch straps that provide the ultimate in-winter hand protection.


  • 2 – 7.4v Lithium-Ion Rechargeable batteries with charger
  • 3-Heat Settings – 5-6 hour heating duration
  • Carbon Fiber Heating Elements – Back of Hand and Fingers
  • Sheep Leather/Weather repellent polyester shell
  • Breathable Fleece Interior
  • “Quick-Charge” button warms coat 3-Times faster.
  • Wind and Weatherproof Soft Shell 
  • Provides Ideal Circulation for Hands
  • Unisex Sizing 
Heated Mittens - Best Home Gear
Heated Mittens by Snow Deer

Our Takeaway:

In addition to ultimate cold protection during outdoor activities, Snow Deer Mittens are also the perfect heated gloves for Raynaud’s, Arthritis, Bad Circulation, or Stiff Joints. These rechargeable mittens will ensure your hands are kept toasty warm and provide pain relief for these conditions. Even Indoors!

You can surely find cheaper heated mittens, but probably none better – If you’re looking for the best-heated mittens – these are the professional ski-instructor choice mittens and are sure to keep your hands toasty warm for the most demanding winter sports such as snowmobiling and snowboarding.

Best Heated Mittens – Snow Deer





Best Heated Gloves For “Riding” – Savior Motorcycle | Snowmobile Gloves

Heated Motorcycle Gloves for Men Women, SAVIOR HEAT Battery Professional Electric Rechargeable Gloves for Cycling Skiing Snowmobile Hunting Camping Riding Outdoors

Why We Like It

For not a lot more money than our Editors Choice Heated Glove from Savior, These heated gloves pack all of the same features, plus a few more for riding in extremely cold climates.

Designed with Motorcycle and Snowmobile riders in mind, Savior offers the same 3 heat setting options, dual strap adjustability, up to 7 hours of heat time, of the other gloves, but adds Carbon fiber knuckle protection, Super comfortable: 40% Lambskin, and 60% Polyester, plus a Hippora Waterproof layer for complete protection from the elements – all riders will appreciate.

Full heat protection elements include the back of hands and all fingers and are continually charged by powerful 7.4v rechargeable batteries (concealed in each glove).


  • Carbon Fiber Knuckle Protection
  • Combination Lambskin leather and Polyester Materials
  • Durable Wind and Waterproof Construction 
  • Insulated Fleece Liner
  • Touchscreen Compatible (Mobile and Tablet Devices)
  • 3- Temperature Settings with LED control
  • Hippora Inner Waterproof Layer for Dry Hands
  • Mulitple Size Options

Our Takeaway

We admire manufacturers when they respond to the market needs, in this case, by adding extra protection for the hands.  In this case knuckle protection for riding snowmobiles through the brush, or keeping hands dry on rainy rides. 

Again, you can spend more on heated motorcycle gloves, just check out the all-leather heated motorcycle gloves from Highway 21 – and you’ll see just how high these gloves can reach.

Best Heated Gloves For Riding – Savior Motorcycle Gloves





Best Heated Hunting Gloves  – Savior “Camo” Design

 Camo Electric Heated Gloves for Hunting Skiing, Touch Screen Motorcycle Cycling Thermal Gloves, 7.4V 2200Mah Rechargeable Warming Gloves, 3 Level Temperature Hand Warmer,A,M

Why We Like Them:

Savior is clearly one of the top-rated manufacturers of heated gloves in the world.  With the Savior heated hunting gloves, they incorporate the same features we expect, but with a twist – These are heated gloves for hunting – Specifically. know-how into a premier heated hunting jacket and heated work jacket. 

Made with cashmere leather, polyester Camouflage fabric, Savior hunting gloves are waterproof and wind-resistant. These heated gloves also provide a removable index finger  – perfect for using touchscreen devices, or easier ammo loads. 


  • Longest available heated run time – up to 28 hours
  • Removable sleeves – converts to a Vest
  • Works with any Makita 18-volt lithium-ion battery (sold separately)
  • Fast heating
  • On/Off Heat button LED lighting
  • 3 – Heating control Settings
  • 3- Heat Zones – Chest and Back
  • Knitted storm cuffs, fleece-lined collar, and drawstring waist 
  • Camouflage Pattern – ideal for Hunting

Our Takeaway

These super warm electric gloves offer 3 – heat settings, and two rechargeable 7.4-volt batteries, and will give you 7 hours of continuous warmth while hunting this season.  A must-have or gift for any winter season hunter you know.

Best Heated “Hunting Gloves” – Savior 





Best Heated Gloves for Snowboarding –  Snow Deer 

Electric Heated Gloves for Men & Women, Waterproof & Windproof Ski Gloves Rechargeable Battery Gloves with Touchscreen Three Heat Settings Thermal Gloves for Cold Weather Snowboarding Shovel Snow(M)

Why We Like Them

Snowboarders are a special breed of winter enthusiasts, and they demand special gloves for their sport.  Snow Deer provides a heated glove that definitely checks all the boxes most snowboarders are looking for.

Fully waterproof and wind-resistant, Tight adjustable straps and cuffs, with durable lambskin palms, these gloves even include a battery compartment with a waterproof zipper – to ensure dependable heating and operation up to 6.5 hours per charge.


  • 3 – Heating Elements
  • 3 – Heat Control Settings LED
  • 7.4-volt lithium-ion batteries with Charger
  • Polyester/Lambskin Blend
  • Fleece insulated liners
  • Quick  3-second heat on startup
  • Heat zones at Back of Hand and Fingers
  • Unisex Sizing – X-Small up to 3XL

Our Takeaway

Snowboarders put their equipment through the laps.  Between the frequent flips (and dumps) on snow, these gloves will stay warm and dry.  One last thing to worry about on those icy cold rides up the chair lift.

Best Heated Gloves for Snowboarding




Best Heated Gloves for “Arthritis, Raynaud’s Disease, Stiff Joints”

ZEROFIRE Heated Gloves Liners for Men Women,Rechargeable Electric Heating Gloves with 2500mAH Battery,Touchscreen,Hand Warmers Great for Snow Winter Ski Cycling Hunting,Small

Why We Like Them

One reason you may be looking at heated gloves has nothing to do with Winter Sports.  Instead, you’re simply looking for lightweight heated gloves to alleviate pain from arthritis, Raynaud’s disease, or stiff joints.  For those who face those challenges; normal freedom of movement can be quite painful.

Like our Top- rated Heated hand liners above – from the Savior Brand, Zerofire heated hand liners provide a good, but more affordable solution for those battling hand pain.  While Zerofire gloves are considered “Heated Liners” – they can also be worn under any weatherproof outdoor gloves, for shoveling snow for instance.


  • Heating Elements at Hand and Fingers
  • 3 – Heat Control Settings – LED button on gloves
  • 7.4-volt lithium-ion batteries with Charger
  • Touchscreen Compatible fingers (for mobile devices)
  • Lycra/Cotton Blend
  • Anti-Slip Palms
  • Unisex Sizing – 4 Different Sizes

Our Takeaway

Winter cold can provide an additional level of pain for those who suffer from hand joint pain.  Heated gloves can be worn functionally for Indoor activities, as well as quick trips outdoors to the mailbox, driving your car, or even a limited amount of shoveling.  


Best Heated Gloves for Arthritis, Raynaud’s disease, Stiff Joints – ZeroFire





Types of Heated Gloves:

To avoid any confusion about heated gloves, there are some gloves on the market labeled as “Heated”.  However, some are “microwavable” to heat up and wear for a limited duration.  Another type is “Thermal” insulated gloves, which simply utilize body heat to keep your hands warm.  

For purposes of our Review, we are Reviewing Battery-Powered Heated Gloves which, we think you will agree, are far superior to other forms of heated gloves. 

Battery-powered heated gloves, are self-heating and have become extremely popular for any winter activity. Many people in fact, now use heated gloves as a close “companion” to Heated Jackets, and many manufacturers offer many types of heated clothing – making the batteries interchangeable between their heated garments.

So, If your winter activities include snow blowing, hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, Skiing, or Sledding, or if you suffer from Arthritis, Raynaud’s Disease, or Stiff Joints – you will definitely want to give heated gloves a try – it’s like having a mini heater on board.


Frequently Asked Questions:

If you’re buying heated gloves for the first time, you may have a few questions in mind. In this FAQ section, we will look at the most commonly asked questions – and help you make an informed buying decision:

How do Heated Gloves Work? 

Like Heated Jackets – Heated Gloves work by incorporating heating elements, woven into the lining of each glove. These heating “pads” are typically located in the back of each hand, and all 5 fingers.  The heating pads are usually made with carbon fibers and are battery-powered by a 7.4v or smaller, Lithium-ion battery. 

The lithium battery is re-charged by the consumer, on a typical A/C current (plugged into the wall), then each battery is “installed” and stored in a concealed pocket of each glove.

Are Heated Gloves Safe?

The heating elements for heated gloves are carbon fiber and contained in waterproof cases inside the heated gloves, which are designed to prevent electric shock.  Heated gloves are considered battery operated (or) cordless, with no AC electric connection.

How do you Charge Heated Gloves?

Heated gloves are powered by lithium-ion batteries, which are re-charged via your typical household A/C current, using the manufacturer-supplied battery charger.  Once the batteries are charged, plug in each battery to each glove, and you are ready to go – There are no exposed parts or wiring to be concerned about.

How Long Do Heated Gloves Stay Warm?

Depending on the “size” of the lithium-ion battery the manufacturer provides, Most Heated Gloves will stay warm between 6-7 hours. Heating time and capacity are relative to the battery size provided.

Can you Charge a Mobile phone with a Heated Jacket?

Mobile devices require a practical battery, or electrical power to charge.  Consequently, the battery sizes in heated gloves (5.0 – 7.4 volts) are not adequate to charge phones. That is why manufacturers do not include USB ports in heated gloves.

While a few heated gloves do offer USB ports, Their USB ports are designed to charge the batteries of each heated glove, via a USB charging cable.

What Are the Best Heated Gloves?

It Depends on “How” you will use your Heated Gloves, We Suggest;

  • For all-around Outdoor Winter Activities, the Savior and Velazzio heated gloves have the best overall warmth, style, and value combined.  However, for the best premium heated gloves, we chose Ororo.
  • For Riding motorcycles or snowmobiles – our first choice is Savior heated motorcycle gloves.  like construction, farm chores, etc. we like the comfort, fit, safety, and durability features of the DeWalt heated jacket.
  • Most heated gloves have a heated run time of 6-7 hours per charge – some are less.  If, your work or play requires long periods outside, choose heated gloves with longer “heated” run times, such as those with a minimum of 7.4-volt batteries.


As you can see, when considering a purchase of heated gloves, you should ask yourself a few questions first, such as your intended use.  Are you looking at heated gloves for driving, heated gloves for skiing, heated gloves for shoveling snow, or perhaps, heated gloves to alleviate pain conditions?

To that end, we’ve made recommendations for the best-heated glove, and for every winter or cold climate activity. We trust our summaries for each glove type, details, and pricing links were helpful, and that you select the best pair of heated gloves for your needs.

Choose based on your most preferred winter activities, and we think you’ll be very glad you gave Heated Gloves a try.

Thanks for visiting today – and be sure to check out our many other “Best Product” reviews @ BestHomeGear.Com

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