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10 Best LED Bathroom Mirror (Reviews for 2022)

The Best LED Mirror With Lights - Available in All Shapes and Sizes

This guide includes our Top Picks for the Best LED bathroom Mirror choices in 2022. So If you’re ready to put the finishing touch on your bathroom – and elevate it from ordinary to extraordinary, you’ve definitely come to the right place.

I know as a builder, realtor, and property manager, the stark difference a great-looking bathroom can add to any home value – and an LED bathroom mirror can provide a quick, cost-effective, and significant impact on today’s modern bathroom.

As defined by Mental Itch, there are two different styles of LED mirrors for a bathroom – LED backlit mirrors vs. LED Mirrors with frosted front strips.

Our LED Mirror Guide focuses on these most popular types; LED mirrors with Frosted Strips illuminated in front and Backlit mirrors, which is also the most stylish and functional LED Mirrors you can buy.

What Is an LED Mirror?

An LED Mirror incorporates light-emitting diodes – that display light as electrical current passes through them.  LED mirrors are available with Back-lighting (displaying light behind the mirror) or Front-lighting – which illuminates light through the front of the mirror, through an etched glass mirror face, in various patterns

The 10 Best LED Mirrors – Reviews for 2022



Editor’s Choice:   KeonJinn –  28″ x 36″  – LED Bathroom Mirror

Keonjinn LED Mirror, 36 x 28 Inch Bathroom Mirror with Lights, Lighted Bathroom Vanity Mirror, Anti-Fog Wall Mounted Dimmable Memory Brightness Front Lights LED Makeup Mirror (Vertical or Horizontal)

Why We Like It

What is the Best LED mirror for bathrooms?  With its tasteful, modern design, this lighted Mirror from KeonJinn is the perfect addition and our first choice for just about any modern bathroom.

In addition to a separate wall switch for turning the LED light on or off, this mirror has a dimmable light function – moving the KeonJinn LED Mirror to the top of our list for the Best LED Mirror for bathrooms.

As you may know, controlling the brightness of your LED mirror at 5 o’clock in the morning is something you’re sure to appreciate…:)


  • 28″ w x 36″ high
  • Includes optional wall switch (or you can hardwire)
  • Can mount Horizontally or Vertically
  • Dimmable switch
  • Anti-fogging switch
  • Dimmable light settings
  • 5500k cold white light

Our Take Away:

In our opinion, installing a bathroom mirror with lights is one of the fastest ways to transform your bathroom from average to outstanding.

And, did we mention the size? At 36″ wide (x 28″ High), this LED mirror accommodates the most popular width bathroom vanity (36″ wide) sold on the market today at 36″ wide.

With great features, durable electronic components, and a fantastic design, the KeonJinn mirror provides one of the Best LED Bathroom lighting solutions you will find anywhere.

Editor’s Choice – KeonJinn Mirror


Runner Up:   Hauschen – 24″ x 32″ LED Bathroom Mirror

HAUSCHEN HOME Lighted LED Bathroom Mirror, Wall Mounted, Dimmable, Anti-Fog, WhiteLight, ETL Certified, Horizontal or Vertical Makeup Vanity Mirror (32 x 24 Inch)

Why We Like It

The Hauschen 28″ x 36″ LED Mirror offers all the same features we loved in our Editor’s Choice pick, But in a somewhat smaller package. This mirror is more suitable for a slightly smaller width vanity but still keeps all of the modern elegance of its larger counterpart.


  • 24″ wide x 32 inches high
  • Anti-fogging
  • Dimmable light settings
  • 5500k cold white light

Our Take Away

Just as with the larger version, installing this 28 X 36 LED mirror in your bathroom will almost instantly modernize the space. Together, these two offerings from Hauschen dominate the top of the market as the best-illuminated mirrors.

Runner Up – Hauschen Mirrors


Best Value:    BBE –  24″ x 32″ LED Mirror “Rounded” Corners

BBE LED Bathroom Mirror with Dimmable Light Anti-Fog Makeup Mirror Wall Mounted Horizontal/Vertical (32 x 24 Inch)

Why We Like It

While all the models from BBE Manufacturing are great, they may not fit every homeowner’s budget. If you’re looking for a best-value solution, this particular LED vanity mirror may be the right one for you.

With Round instead of Square Corners, the BBE Mirror is the perfect size for small to medium-sized vanities, and with many of the same features we liked in the Editors Pick, this mirror is a surefire way to get the most out of your bathroom on a budget.


  • 24″ Wide x 32 inches High (Wider than Normal)
  • Rounded Corner Design
  • Anti-Fog
  • Dimmable light settings
  • Super white light

Our Take Away

For the money, it’s hard to beat this LED Mirror. While installation isn’t especially difficult, you will likely need a two-person team due to the weight of the mirror.

Due to its super white illumination – This LED mirror with Rounded Corners is also one of the Best LED Mirrors for applying makeup.

BBE –  24 x 32″ high LED Mirror


Best LED “Smart Mirror”:   Bonnlo Smart Mirror – 36″ x 28″ Digital Display

Bonnlo 36'×28' Dimmable LED Illuminated Bathroom Mirror with Bluetooth Speaker, Anti-Fog Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity Mirror,Smart Vanity Mirror with Memory Touch Button| Hangs Vertically/Horizontally

Why We Like It

Nothing will get your day going better than a Smart Mirror with Bluetooth Speakers. And as you will see, a smart mirror offers much more than a regular “Mirrors with Lights”.

This “intelligent” network-connected smart mirror from Bonnlo – offers a CE Certified 110-volt touch-sensor switch, LED display, Dimmable LED lighting, Full Memory settings, and Bluetooth speaker to connect to your mobile phone.  It offers exceptional lighting for applying makeup, and 36 wide is perfect for use with a standard 36 – 48″ wide bathroom vanity.

LED Smart Mirror - Best Home Gear
Best Smart Mirror for Bathroom


  • 3 Feature LED Screen – On/Off, Anti-Fog, Brightness Level
  • It comes with UL listed plug – Or can be hard-wired
  • Crystal mirror with real color index and integrated LED lighting
  • Dimmer with touch sensor control (5,500K – 6,000K LED illumination)
  • Includes Integrated speaker (invisible)
  • Personalizable widgets for up to 4 users
  • Anti-fog Switch – Save energy – Use only when needed
  • Bluetooth audio to stream your personal music phone app
  • Easy to install
  • Wi-Fi connection needed
  • Weight:  23 Lbs
  • 2-year limited warranty

Our Take Away

While you’re getting ready, you can also use one of the best-lighted “smart mirrors” on the market. Check out the latest music, weather, news, and traffic by connecting to your Music, Weather, or News apps.



Best Premium Large LED Mirror:  Krugg 72″ x 30″

Krugg | Large 72 Inch X 30 Inch LED Bathroom Mirror | Lighted Vanity Mirror Includes Dimmer & Defogger | Wall Mount Vertical or Horizontal Installation

Why We Like It

If you want to make a statement in your bathroom design, this mirror is the way to do it. Thanks to its massive size, distinctive LED light strips, and strikingly white light, this floating mirror will quickly become the centerpiece of your bathroom decor.


  • 72×30 inches
  • Defogging
  • Dimmable light settings
  • 6000k super white light

Our Take Away

In the category of large LED-operated mirrors, this Krugg mirror is a handy winner. As long as your bathroom has the space needed to house it, this mirror will be an instant and substantial design upgrade to your room.

Check Out This Simple LED Mirror Installation Video – from Krugg:

Best Large LED Mirror – Krugg Mirrors


“Best Value” Large LED Mirror:   DP Home – 71″ x 32″ LED Mirror

DP Home Large Mirror with Lights, LED Bathroom Mirror for Wall, Horizontally Wall Mounted Lighted Vanity Mirror, Mirrors Above Sink, 71X32 in E-CK010-A

Why We Like It

This DP Home mirror is a more budget-friendly approach to large LED bathroom mirrors. Though it isn’t quite as advanced feature-wise as the Krugg model above, this unit makes a large LED bathroom mirror more affordable for homeowners.


  • 71×32 inches
  • 5500-6000k color temperature range
  • Easy on/off switch

Our Take Away

This model is for you if you want a Large, frameless, backlighted mirror at a reasonable price point.

While the dimmable settings on the Krugg model make it a bit more of a premium option, this mirror from DP Home is still an excellent choice for adding extra elegance and functionality to your bathroom.

Best Value – Large LED Mirror – DP HOME Mirrors


Best LED Mirror With Bluetooth Speakers:   DP Home – 71″ x 32″

DP Home LED Bathroom Mirror with Lights, Anti Fog Dimmable, Bluetooth Speaker Vertical/Horizontal Mount, Modern Wall Mirror with Lights, 71 x 32 in(010-7032-TX) Wall Mounted Makeup LED Vanity Mirror

Why We Like It

We all enjoy listening to music in the shower or while getting ready for work, so why not install a mirror that doubles as a high-quality Bluetooth speaker?

The DP Home – LED mirror, similar to the model listed above, also lets you enhance your bathroom appearance and give it a built-in music system at the same time.


  • 71×32 inches
  • Defogging
  • Bluetooth speaker with computer and phone connectivity
  • 6000k super white light

Our Take Away

Visually, this mirror is the same as the DP Home model listed above. Its crucial difference, though, is the Bluetooth speaker that will let you listen to your favorite music while you get ready.

Even though it’s just a built-in speaker, we found this Bluetooth Speaker to be reasonably good and to produce high sound quality.

DP HOME Mirrors – With Bluetooth


Best LED “Hollywood” Vanity Mirror:   Chende Mirror Light Kit

Chende LED Vanity Mirror Lights, 11.53ft Hollywood Make Up Light for Vanity Stick on, 10 Large Daylight Dimmable Bulbs with AC Adapter, for Makeup Vanity Table & Bathroom Mirror, Mirror Not Included

Why We Like It

If you’re looking for the Best-Lit Makeup Mirror – this is probably the one.  With maximum light capacity, the Chende Makeup Mirror light kit provides the best illumination for an affordable price.

Although we love the modern look of embedded light strips, this LED mirror light kit is a new take on a true classic. With a full perimeter of LED light bulbs, this kit lets you turn any mirror into a Hollywood-style vanity mirror with lights.


  • Ten dimmable LED bulbs
  • 11.5 feet overall length
  • 4000k light temperature
  • Perfect for makeup

Our Take Away

The Chende light Kit is quite easy to install on any pre-existing mirror and produces an excellent glamour effect. Whether you’re looking to find better lighting for applying makeup or adding a beautiful accent to your bathroom mirror, this easy-to-use LED light kit is a great value option.

Chende – Best Vanity Mirror


Best LED: “Oval” Mirror:  30″ x 23″ HAUSCHEN Oval Mirror

HAUSCHEN HOME Oval 30 x 23 inch LED Lighted Bathroom Mirror, Wall Mounted Dimmable Makeup Vanity Mirror, Anti-Fog Mirror, 3-Color Adjustable Warm/Natural/White Light, Horizonal & Vertical, ETL Listed

Why We Like It

This oval mirror is sure to please buyers with the same basic features and quality as the two HAUSCHEN models listed under our Editor’s Choice and Runner Up categories.

If you prefer an elliptical mirror instead of a rectangular one and still want the HAUSCHEN brand quality, this is the mirror for you.


  • 30 x 23 inches
  • Dimmable light settings
  • Anti-fogging
  • 5500k cold white light
  • Ultra-low profile

Our Take Away

This model is easily the Best LED Bathroom Mirror in an Oval shape you’ll find on the market today. If you’re working with a smaller bathroom that cannot accommodate a large LED mirror, then this mirror could be the perfect compromise for style and light.

Hauschen – Best Oval LED Mirror


Best LED “Round” Mirror:  Krugg – 27- inch Round Mirror

Krugg LED Bathroom Round Mirror 27 Inch Diameter | Lighted Vanity Mirror Includes Dimmer and Defogger | Silver Backed Glass

Why We Like It

With its elegant rounded shape and striking exterior ring of LED lights, this Krugg LED Mirror is sure to improve the look of any compact bathroom.

For small bathrooms and those designed around less sharp, defined lines, this round LED Mirror is a must-have.


  • 27 inches round
  • Dimmable light settings
  • Defogging

Our Take Away

If you’re in the market for a round LED Mirror, you won’t find one better than this Krugg offering. By installing this mirror, you’ll instantly upgrade your bathroom with a more modern feel.

Krugg – Best LED Round Mirror


Best LED “Medicine Cabinet”:  Krugg LED Medicine Cabinet

Krugg LED Medicine Cabinet 24 Inch X 36 Inch | Recessed or Surface Mount Mirror Cabinet w/Dimmer & Defogger + 3X Makeup Mirror Inside & Outlet + USB - Left Side

Why We Like It

Last but certainly not least, in our review of LED bathroom lights is the LED medicine cabinet from Krugg. With all of the positive features we’ve already discussed with Krugg as a brand, this medicine cabinet is a great all-around option for stylish and functional bathroom storage.


  • 24 x 36 inches High
  • Defogging
  • Dimmable light settings
  • Electrical outlet and USB port built-in

Our Take Away

To put it simply, this isn’t your Grandma’s medicine cabinet!  With high-quality LED lighting, modern design, and the convenience of electrical and USB ports, the Krugg LED medicine cabinet will vastly improve your bathroom in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

Krugg – Best LED Medicine Cabinet


Frequently Asked Questions – (FAQ) LED Mirrors:


How Do You Install an LED Mirror In Bathroom?

How much work is it to install an LED Mirror?  If you’re a handy DIY homeowner, installing an LED mirror is fairly straightforward and also a little time-consuming.  However, If you’re not experienced with basic electrical wiring or lighting installation, consult a local electrician for installation for help.

How to install an LED Mirror:  Summary

  • Locate Power Source – Install a new light switch and electrical outlet box (see video example below)  – Or run power from your existing Vanity Light – and fish electrical wiring from the LED mirror behind the wall and connect to that power source.
  • Light Switch – Install a separate light switch with a built-in dimmer
  • Use 50 Lb. Minimum “Wire” Wall Hooks – Spaced evenly for width and height, and per manufacturer’s instructions.


Are LED Mirrors Available Battery-Powered vs. Electric?

While there are a few small countertop type Vanity Mirrors with LED lights that are battery-powered – those models are of a completely different variety than the large and powerful electric LED mirrors featured in this article.

To view a best-selling Battery-Powered Vanity mirror – check out the “Fancii” LED battery-powered mirror on Amazon.

Are LED Mirrors Any Good?

Absolutely. With an excellent array of LED lighting – LED Mirrors provide “Direct Illumination” vs. standard wall-mounted vanity lighting.  Direct light lets you see your image much clearer and also provides extra illumination for your entire bathroom.

What Is The Best Natural Light Makeup Mirror?

In our Best LED Mirror Reviews – We found the Hauschen 36 wide x 24″ high LED mirror to be the best Wide View natural light mirror for makeup and the 24″ wide x 36″ high mirror from Bath Knot to be the best Vertical orientation LED mirror available.

Both of the above mirrors offer industry-leading 5500-6000k illumination for expert makeup application.

Do LED Mirrors Provide as Much Light as Standard Light Fixtures?

The answer to this depends on what your existing standard light fixture wattage is.

In general, though, an LED mirror will produce more light than a traditional incandescent light fixture, though less light than a modern LED fixture using multiple higher-watt LED bulbs.

Are LED Mirrors Good for Applying Makeup?

Yes. The better visibility you gain from improving “direct” lighting will help you achieve those more subtle makeup effects, allowing a more natural makeup application.

What Is the Difference Between Backlit and LED Mirrors?

Backlit mirrors feature lights on their backs that project around the backside of the mirror, adding a framing of light. Backlit mirrors are considered more design than function in lighting applications.

LED mirrors, by contrast, project light forward through the front of the mirror glass and into the bathroom, adding more direct illumination.


In our opinion, the best three LED mirrors on the market in 2020 are the Editors Pick – Hauschen 36×28, The Runner-Up 32×24″ From Hauschen, and the Best Value 24 x 36″ mirror from Bathroom Knot.

Each of these LED mirrors stands out for its quality, features, and overall design.

With that said, one of the other mirrors in our LED mirror reviews may be better for your particular bathroom.

The best LED Mirror for your bathroom is the one best suited to your taste!

We Trust Our List of the “Best LED Bathroom Mirrors” was helpful! 

If you would like to make a comment or leave a suggestion for another electric kettle we should look at or a product you would like to see reviewed, please don’t hesitate to comment below:

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  1. Thanks for explaining that there is a wide variety of bathroom mirrors that come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. My wife and I are remodeling our home, and we would like to get custom LED bathroom mirror. I’ll look for a mirror that matches the style we are establishing for our bathroom.

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