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The 8 Best Outdoor Solar Lights (Reviews For 2022)

The Best Solar Lights for Pathway or Garden

Are you looking for the Best Outdoor Solar Lights to buy in 2021? Today we’ll check out the 8 best solar lights for your pathways or garden, and which type is perfect for your needs.

The best Solar landscape lights have really come a long way since the old low voltage (wired) or ultra-expensive halogen bulb models of days gone by.

Today’s LED Solarlights are the best, low-cost way to illuminate paths and outdoor spaces at night. They also provide enhanced safety and a great atmosphere for any walkway or garden patio.

Because of the large number of solar light options; shopping for the best solar light for home – can be overwhelming. If you’re looking for the best solar-powered motion security light for your home, we’ve put together this short-list of the best outdoor solar lights you should consider. 


The Best Outdoor Solar Lights For 2022




Editor’s ChoiceRunner UpBest Value
Signature Garden Premium Stainless Steel Solar Garden Lights - Super-Bright 15 Lumens - Perfect Neutral Design; Makes Garden Pathways & Flower Beds Look Great - Easy NO-WIRE Installation; All-Weather/Water-ResistantURPOWER Solar Lights Outdoor, Adjustable Solar Spot Lights Outdoor Spotlight 2-in-1 Waterproof Solar Landscape Lights Wall Light, Dusk-to-Dawn Solar Powered Light for Yard, Garden (Cool White, 2 Pack)GIGALUMI Solar Outdoor Lights, 12Pack Stainless Steel Solar Lights Outdoor Waterproof, LED Pathway Lights Outdoor Solar Lights Solar Garden Lights for Patio, Lawn, Yard and Landscape-(Warm White)
Signature Garden Premium Stainless Steel Solar Garden Lights - Super-Bright 15 Lumens - Perfect Neutral Design; Makes Garden Pathways & Flower Beds Look Great - Easy NO-WIRE Installation; All-Weather/Water-ResistantURPOWER Solar Lights Outdoor, Adjustable Solar Spot Lights Outdoor Spotlight 2-in-1 Waterproof Solar Landscape Lights Wall Light, Dusk-to-Dawn Solar Powered Light for Yard, Garden (Cool White, 2 Pack)GIGALUMI Solar Outdoor Lights, 12Pack Stainless Steel Solar Lights Outdoor Waterproof, LED Pathway Lights Outdoor Solar Lights Solar Garden Lights for Patio, Lawn, Yard and Landscape-(Warm White)







Editor’s Choice: Best “Pathway” Lights:  “Signature Garden” Solar Lights

Signature Garden Premium Stainless Steel Solar Garden Lights - Super-Bright 15 Lumens - Perfect Neutral Design; Makes Garden Pathways & Flower Beds Look Great - Easy NO-WIRE Installation; All-Weather/Water-Resistant

Who makes the best outdoor solar lights?  Topping our list of the best solar path lights for homeowners – are the “Signature Garden” super bright solar garden lights. The solar glow solar path lights provide excellent illumination and are durable enough to withstand the elements, no matter what part of the country you live in.

The key features of this product include:

Stainless steel and ABS plastic construction
Super bright – 15-lumen rating
No additional installation
Six lights to a box

The Signature Garden super bright solar garden lights provide the most powerful solar lighting and have received excellent reviews from customers who have purchased and used them over long periods. Most buyers find that they look good along lawn and garden paths, produce more than enough light to see by at night and stand up to even the harshest conditions.

Our research indicates these lights can remain in place even during winter and experience no adverse effects from snow, ice, or cold temperatures. However, we do not recommend leaving solar lights in the ground – during snowy winter months. (See our FAQ section below).

Although the downsides for these solar lights are difficult to find, a few critics have said that they have broken the ABS plastic spikes while pushing them into the ground. Even though this doesn’t appear to be a significant problem, owing to Signature Garden’s high-rated customer service.

According to the users who have had this problem, Signature Garden support staff has been able to get them replacement spikes quickly and free of additional charge.




Best “Adjustable” Solar Lights:   “URPOWER”

URPOWER Solar Lights Outdoor, Adjustable Solar Spot Lights Outdoor Spotlight 2-in-1 Waterproof Solar Landscape Lights Wall Light, Dusk-to-Dawn Solar Powered Light for Yard, Garden (Cool White, 2 Pack)

One of the most useful kinds of outdoor solar lights – are those that have multiple settings. In this category, URPOWER’s (great product – weird name) are fully adjustable – and in our reviews considered the brightest solar lights you can buy.

Key features of this product include:

Adjustable light direction
High and low light modes
Up to 200 lumens of light output
Produces light for 8-10 hours
Can be placed in the ground or mounted on porch/deck

The two significant advantages of the URPOWER lights that stand out in reviews are their high light output and the long period they can remain lit once charged. To guard against shining light where you don’t need it – the directional adjustability of each solar light we found, is a significant plus of these solar lights.

While most users are very enthusiastic about the URPOWER lights, there is at least one slight design flaw that negatively impacts the user experience. The same button that is used to turn the lights on and off also controls the high and low light settings, making these lights a bit cumbersome to initially set-up.

Once you have them installed the way you want them, you should have no further difficulties enjoying this product.




Best Value “Pathway” Lights:  “GigaLumi 12-Pack Stainless Steel”

GIGALUMI Solar Outdoor Lights, 12Pack Stainless Steel Solar Lights Outdoor Waterproof, LED Pathway Lights Outdoor Solar Lights Solar Garden Lights for Patio, Lawn, Yard and Landscape-(Warm White)

In the “Value category”,  the GigaLumi solar light 12-pack stands out as the best solar light for pathways you can buy. Although not as bright as the “Signature Garden” solar lights our top pick, these solar path lights are still an excellent option, and again, and excellent value.

Key features of this product include:

Stainless Steel
Attractive Modern Sleek Design
Warm-white LED lighting

Our research indicates these solar lights emit a decent amount of light despite their relatively low lumen rating. WIth warm LED lights and stainless steel construction, these solar garden lights add an elegant touch to any pathway.





Best “Hanging” Stained Glass Solar Light:   “Moonrays LED”

Moonrays 92276 Solar Powered Hanging Floral Stained Glass LED Lantern, 24-Inch Above Ground Height On The Shepherd’s Hook Made from Metal and Plastic, Rechargeable Battery Included

Not all of the best outdoor solar-powered lights are ordinary pathway ground-stake lights. The Moonrays LED 92276 is a beautifully designed stained glass hanging light attached to a 30” high spike and placed in the ground along pathways.

Key features of this product include:

Lasts up to eight hours on a full charge
Durable construction with metal, glass, and plastic
25-inch clearance above ground
Attractive stained glass lantern lenses

In reviews of the Moonrays 92276, buyers frequently comment on its attractive appearance and solid construction. Although these lights are sold individually, many people end up so satisfied with their first light that they buy more to illuminate the rest of their gardens.  They sit about 25” overall above the ground after installation.

One part of this hanging outdoor light that could be of higher quality is the on/off switch. Some reviews have noted that it may come loose while installing the batteries during the initial setup. It is, however, relatively easy to put back in place and should give you no additional trouble once your light is set up.





Best Wall Mount Solar Lights:  URPOWER Motion Lights

URPOWER Solar Lights Outdoor, 40 LED Motion Sensor Security Lights Solar Flood Lights Waterproof Solar Powered Outdoor Lights for Backyard, Fence, Deck, Patio, Garage (4 Pack)

If you’re looking for Solar Security Lights, this light from URPOWER is a great option. In fact, it is one of Amazon’s best sellers. Like URPOWER path lights, these wall-mounted versions produce more than ample light than less expensive brands and are durably constructed.

Key features of this product include:

Very bright and long-lasting
10-foot motion sensor range
120-degree sensor angle
Four lights to a pack

The most universal advantage that buyers have noted in their reviews of these URPOWER lights is their sheer brightness. Almost all users find that these lights supply plenty of light and don’t take an undue amount of time to charge up. With four lights to a package, it’s also easy to provide wide-ranging coverage for large or oddly shaped yards.

One complaint that some users have had with these lights is that they can be a bit confusing to set up. Unlike lights with a simple on/off switch, these have a pin that must be pushed in to switch from the off to the on position. Once you have them set up, though, you shouldn’t have to bother with the pin again.





Best “Copper finish” Solar Garden Lights: “Voona” – 8 Pack

Solar Lights Outdoor Pathway - 8 Pack Copper Garden Walkway Lights Solar Powered Waterproof Outdoor Lights for Garden, Lawn, Yard, Walkway, Pathway, Landscaping

For those of you looking for a little higher-end finish, Copper finishes have become very trendy in a modern home and garden design lately, which is why we decided to highlight this copper finished outdoor solar light 8-pack from Voona.

Key features of this product include:

8-lumen rating
Handsome faux copper finish
The plastic lens creates a projected lighting pattern
Eight lamps to a pack

Several customer reviews of these Voona path lights note that they are well-made, particularly for their price point. The pattern that is projected onto the ground through the light lenses is also cited as a major advantage, as it makes garden spaces more visually appealing and exciting by night.

Among reviewers, the one criticism that does appear reasonably frequently is that these lights do not always stay on all night, particularly during the winter when there are fewer hours of daylight. Even at a minimum charge, though, you can expect these lights to stay on for 4-5 hours after dark.




Best “Solar Ground Lights”:  Tysonir 12-Pack Ground Light Set

Tysonir Solar Ground Lights,Disk Lights Solar Powered 8 LED ,Outdoor in-ground Solar Lights for Landscape Walkway Lawn Steps Decks, LED lamp, Waterproof(Warm White)

Solar Ground lights are all the rage these days.  Because they don’t stick up high above the ground, they aren’t exposed as a trip hazard or subject to damage. Solar ground lights are securely installed flush with the ground, steps, landscape stones, or mulch. The possibilities are endless.

Less conspicuous, these waterproof outdoor solar-powered ground lights include 8 LED lights inside each ground light.  Automatic switching turns the lights on at dark and they stay powered for up to 8 hours at night.

The key features of this product include:

  • Flush Design – with Multiple Applications
  • Automatic Switching
  • Twelve LED lights to a pack

According to our research,  the Tysonir solar ground lights should last several years and are very durable in almost any condition.

solar ground lights - best home gear
Best Solar Ground Lights To Buy – Besthomegear.com


One difficulty some buyers have had with these lights is the process of actually putting them in the ground. While they are relatively durable once set up, they can be a little tricky to push into the ground.

If possible, try to install ground lights when the ground has a little bit of moisture in it, as this will help soften it enough to make pushing the stakes in easier.

Tysonir – Best Solar Ground Lights




Best Solar Flagpole Light: “Deluxe” Solar Power Flagpole Light

Deluxe Solar Flag Pole Light, Flag Light, LED Downlight for Most 15 to 25 Ft In-Ground Flag Poles, Fits 0.5' Wide Flag Ornament Spindles (Deluxe Silver)

If you have an outdoor flagpole, proper lighting for it can be essential. Flagpole lights are a bit different than standard garden pathway lights, as they are specifically designed to mount on a flagpole and provide direct downward illumination for your flag.

If you’re looking for the best light for this application, we recommend the Deluxe Solar Flagpole Light.  This model is the Improved Version of the Standard model and comes with more photovoltaic cells to store more power and create better lighting at night. 

Also, If you’re on a budget – check out their standard model which is less expensive.

The key features of this product include:

Extra-strength LEDs for maximum coverage
Easy installation
Mounts directly beneath flagpole ball
Compliant with US Flag Code

Most buyers of this solar flagpole light find that it produces more than enough light to keep their flags visible overnight. Ease of installation is another major plus with this product, as it can be attached using the flagpole’s existing hardware. The light is also quite well made and seems to be able to stand up to the elements over a prolonged period of time.

One criticism a few reviewers have had is the fact that this light shines more or less straight down, meaning that it can have some difficulty illuminating the entirety of large flags when they are fully extended in the wind. In most cases, though, this won’t really be a significant problem.  

Also if you buy this light make sure you switch the light to “On” before you complete the installation – This will save you a trip back up to the top of Your flagpole!





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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Outdoor Solar Lights


What are the Best Types of Solar Light Bulbs?

While there are still a few manufacturers including incandescent or halogen bulbs in their solar lights, the majority of top manufacturers have switched to the use of LED bulbs.

LED or “light-emitting display” bulbs are a perfect fit for solar lights for a lot of reasons. LED bulbs display or emit light in a specific direction – not in every direction, they run “cool”, take little power to operate so the display lasts longer on a single solar charge, and most often last for the life of the product.

How Long Do Solar Batteries Last?

Thanks to improvements in Solar panels and rechargeable batteries, Outdoor Solar light batteries are now able to hold power longer and are incredibly easy to install.

The typical duration of a solar light battery is 2 years.  This, of course, depends on whether you leave your solar lights activated (with battery) year-round – or remove the battery and store solar lights for the winter season (northern climates with snow).

Can Solar light be Installed Anywhere?

Nowadays, Solar Lights are manufactured to be installed almost anywhere outdoors. This includes the ground, walls, and even hook installation options.  Other popular locations for solar lights now include boat docks, flagpoles, and even solar-powered security lights.  Each of which is featured in the reviews above.

Can Solar Lights Be Used Year-Round?

Most ground-installed solar lights are fine for use in normal temperature conditions. But for areas of the country that do experience snowfall, ground-installed solar lights should be removed, battery disconnected, and stored before winter.

Practical reasons for removing solar lights before winter include; shorter days (less sun to charge the solar lights), deep snow, and the use of shovels or snow blowers which would damage solar lights.

The exception to this rule may include Wall Mounted Security solar lights or Solar lights for Flagpoles located high above the wet snow-covered ground.

Save Battery Life for Solar Batteries:

To maintain longevity when storing your solar lights, Remove the solar batteries, placing them in an airtight Ziploc bag and store them in a dry location. In the Spring, simply plug the batteries back into the solar lights and you’re ready to re-install your solar lights.

What Is The Best Type of Outdoor Solar Light?

As noted in our Reviews above, Outdoor Solar Lights are now available in a wide array of mounting types.  From in-ground ambient/accent garden lights, adjustable/directional spotlights, wall-mounted security lights, and flagpole down-lights, there is a solar light to warm up every spot in your yard, garden, or patio.

What Types of Solar LIght FInishes Are Available?

In addition, many manufacturers now offer everything from Stainless steel, copper, bamboo, aluminum, and even stained glass. Pick the finish that best suits your outdoor decor, and enhances your own aesthetic.


Before you make your final decision on which solar lights to buy, be sure to carefully consider how each of these lights will look in your outdoor spaces. The best-looking lights for your space will depend heavily on the existing decor in your garden or walkways.

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It’s also important to keep the amount of light you need in mind. If you’re just looking for a little ambient lighting, a lower-powered garden light such as the Moonrays 91381 will do nicely. However, If you need full power illumination, though, you’re likely best off choosing the SolarGlow, and if you are looking for an “Adjustable” Solar light path, check out URPOWER garden lights.

Thanks to their durability, good light output, and attractive appearance, we recommend the SolarGlow solar garden light as the best option for most buyers. Depending on your personal tastes and needs, though, the right Outdoor Solar Lights for you may be one of the other models from our Product Reviews.

Thanks again for visiting BestHomeGear.Com –  and good luck with your Outdoor Solar Light buying decision!

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