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The 8 Best Weed Eater Heads [Reviews For 2021]

Best String Trimmer Replacement Head You Can Buy in 2021

Many homeowners are looking for the best Weed Eater Heads to replace their current trimmer head – But few know that String Trimmer heads are an interchangeable part of their outdoor equipment. Today there are many options, but the best trimmer replacement head – will allow you to replace that lousy bump-feed trimmer head you’ve been using – with something you can actually rely on

Today the list of weed eater heads – including speed-feed trimmer heads is big and still growing. New designs and engineering have made replacement trimmer heads – “the king of frustration” – as simple to change as a lightbulb.

Stand By – Your weed eater work-out is about to get much easier!

Today we’ll show you the 8 Best “Universal” string trimmer replacement head models are. These trimmer replacement heads are the very best on the market and will fit almost any weed eater.


Editor’s ChoiceRunner UpBest Value
Shindaiwa 78890-30000 Speed-Feed 400 Universal Bump Feed Trimmer HeadWW EZ Lock HeadMaxPower Pivot-Trim Universal Replacement 3317233 Trimmer Head Uses 095-Inch Pre-Cut Trimmer Line
Shindaiwa 78890-30000 Speed-Feed 400 Universal Bump Feed Trimmer HeadWW EZ Lock HeadMaxPower Pivot-Trim Universal Replacement 3317233 Trimmer Head Uses 095-Inch Pre-Cut Trimmer Line


Be sure to check out the bottom of this article, where we also include the Best Brand Specificstring trimmer replacement head models. These trimmer heads or trimmer line “Spools” are replacements for each specific string trimmer brand.


The Different Types of String Trimmer Replacement Heads:


Before jumping into our best string trimmer replacement head reviews, let’s quickly go over the Three major types of weed eater trimmer replacement heads – so you can pick the right one for your trimmer.

The Best Weed Eater Replacement Heads generally fall into Three Different Categories:

These are the “Fixed-line”, “Bump-feed”, and “Automatic (or Speed-feed)” trimmer heads:


Fixed-line trimmers:

fixed line trimmer head | best home gear
Fixed Line Trimmer Head – BestHomeGear.Com


This type of replacement head uses pre-cut lengths of trimmer line held in place by a locking mechanism. This head design does not require manually winding the trimmer line onto a spool.


Bump-Feed models:

bump feed head - best home gear.
Bump Feed Head – BestHomeGear.Com


The bump-feed type of replacement head does require winding of trimmer line – but allows you to go much longer between changes because of the large capacity of the trimmer line on each spool.  However, because of the large volume of the line used in a bump head, the trimmer line for bump head trimmers is usually a .065 lightweight trimmer line vs. the heavyweight .80 or .95 trimmer line.

In our opinion, bump-feed heads are the Least reliable, and often have failure delivering trimmer line consistently.


Speed-Feed trimmer heads:

Echo Speed Feed Head | Best Home Gear
Automatic (speed-feed) Head – BestHomeGear.Com


Also sometimes referred to as an Automatic head – Speed-feed heads are usually the most expensive types of replacement heads. And for good reason. They hold a good amount of heavyweight .095 trimmer line and you can change out a trimmer head in about 30 seconds.  Be sure to see the (Editor’s Choice) Shindaiwa video below – you will be amazed at how quick and easy it is to change the trimmer line.

A speed-feed head includes a built-in winding mechanism – that makes very quick work of weed eater change-outs.

With a speed-feed head, users feed the line into the trimmer automatically as it winds onto the spool without having to take the trimmer head apart.  Watch the video below to see how fast and easy re-spooling is.

Speed-feed heads tend to offer the very best combination of speed and convenience and are for this reason, most often used by landscape maintenance crews.

Beyond these three basic types of weed eater trimmer line heads, there are also a few Specialty varieties.


“Optional” – Replacement Trimmer Head Designs

Steel Blade Design

Certain companies offer a replacement trimmer head with “Steel blades” instead of a string trimmer line. A steel blade replacement head is generally used for trimming thicker weeds or brush. See Options below.

Plastic Blade Design

Alternatively, there are some replacement heads that offer “Plastic blades”. These heads while not offering steel blades, do offer a heavier duty application to cut thicker grass or weeds than traditional trimmer lines, See options below.


The 8 Best “Universal” String Trimmer Replacement Heads To Buy:

The following are The Best Weed Eater Replacement Heads you can buy and are compatible with “almost every String Trimmer.

We do recommend, that you consult each brand’s specifications to ensure the replacement head will fit your own weed eater model.

Editors Pick: Shindaiwa- “Universal” Speed-Feed

Shindaiwa 78890-30000 Speed-Feed 400 Universal Bump Feed Trimmer Head

The Shindaiwa Speed Feed 400  – Bump -To-Advance Replacement head, Is not only designed to fit Echo curved and straight shaft trimmers, but it is also compatible with many other weed eaters including Stihl, Ryobi, Black & Decker, and Husqvarna to name a few.

With the new and improved speed-feed design from Shindaiwa – you simply feed 20ft. Of .095 trimmer line into the spool, pull equal 10’ lengths to either side, turn the spool cap to wind up string – and you’re done – a very quick change out.

Note:  Echo and Shindaiwa are owned by the same parent company – their products are the same or similar, branded under the Echo & Shindaiwa names.


Check out this 2-minute Echo/Shindaiwa Speed Feed Video – See How Fast it Works!


Bottom line: If you have a large lot, and do a ton of weed whacking – this is the replacement head you want. Assuming it is compatible with your string trimmer model that is.

Most users claim this is a “one and done” replacement head – and it is also one that many professional landscapers choose to use.

All you need on hand – is an extra spool of Gator trimmer line. This link at Amazon for Gator line includes 680 Ft. of .095 trimmer line. No wonder the professionals love this trimmer head!


Shindaiwa Trimmer Head





Runner Up: WW EZ Lock

WW EZ Lock Head

Why We Like It

In a twist on the fixed-line concept, the WW EZ Lock trimmer head uses two short pieces of .095 trimmer line-oriented into a loop. These replacement trimmer line pieces are inserted or removed using the two locking levers on the trimmer head body, making for quick and easy line changes.

This model fits on approximately 99 percent of gas trimmers, including both straight and curved shaft models.

Our Take Away

For the money, and with fantastic user reviews, we think it’s hard to beat the WW EZ Lock trimmer head. WW EZ offers replacement fixed-lines which allows you to keep the replacement head – and simply change the trimmer line pieces individually.

Because of this feature and its amazing longevity – WW EZ is actually considered a good choice for professional landscapers as well.

WW-EZ Trimmer Head





Best Value: Pivotrim – “Maxpower”

MaxPower Pivot-Trim Universal Replacement 3317233 Trimmer Head Uses 095-Inch Pre-Cut Trimmer Line


Why We Like It

The Pivotrim Maxpower Fixed-Line head is a very well-constructed weed wacker trimmer head that fits practically any modern string trimmer brand.

With its “pre-packaged” clips of powerful .095 trimmer line – and pivoting head – the Pivotrim Maxpower head reduces line breakage by flexing when lines hit a solid object.

The Pivotrim replacement head is also extremely easy to install and comes with a variety of accessories making it suitable for almost any trimmer configuration.

Our Takeaway

Some reviews claim this head lasted them over a year. Of course, your duration will depend on your own specific uses.

This Pivot trimmer head is easily one of the best replacement trimmer heads on the market when it comes to convenience and ease of use.

Best of all, it is an easy load trimmer head that uses pre-cut line pieces, preventing you from having to deal with the hassles of using a standard bump feed spool.

You may say “goodbye forever” to conventional “line trimmer spools” after trying out this fixed-line trimmer head design.

A quick (and Cheesy) Pivotrim video – but the best one we could find to show you what the Pivotrim replacement head can do 🙂





Best “Plastic Blade” – Weed Warrior Replacement Head

Weed Warrior 14867B Push-N-Load 3 Blade Head


Why We Like It

Turning away from a Fixed- Trimmer Head, we come now to a somewhat unique replacement head that features three plastic Blades instead of a string trimmer line.

The Weed Warrior 14867B is meant to cut thick, high grass and light brush quickly and easily. While blades on this head will wear out eventually, they can easily be changed by way of the push-button release found on the trimmer head.

From our research – new blades are changed out quicker than traditional trimmer line spools.

Our Take Away

With its unique design and great reviews – we think that the Weed Warrior 14867B is a very good option for homeowners who deal with dense grass and light brush regularly.

The blades are quite resistant to wear, making them preferable to the traditional bump-feed trimmer line design, especially for heavy work.

Weed Warrior




Best Combo Blade & Trimmer Line Combo: Pivotrim – “Rino Tuff”

Pivotrim Rino Tuff Universal Hybrid String and Bladed Trimmer Head Replacement

Why We Like It

This head Fits most gas trimmers. This very unique combination of blade and line replacement head offers the best of a regular .095 fixed line head and a bladed trimmer head.

The line can efficiently work through weeds and grasses, while the blades can be attached when it’s time to get into the brush.

Each line section is mounted on a swivel to reduce breakage, and the entire assembly can be added to a trimmer without the need for installation tools.

Our Take Away

By combining two useful cutting systems, the Pivotrim – Rino Tuff offers versatility and robust cutting power at a price point that’s hard to beat. If you’re looking for an excellent trimmer head for all occasions, this one is a great option.

If we were to recommend a “premium upgrade” in our fixed-line replacement head lineup – it might be this one.





Best Steel Blade for Brush: Grass Gator 4680

Grass Gator 4680 Brush Cutter Extra Heavy Duty Replacement Trimmer Head

Why We Like It

The 4680 Grass Gator trimmer head fits almost any gas trimmer and includes a steel-bladed head meant for tackling heavy weeds and brush. When mounted, this head can make short work of dense weed cover.

At just over one pound in overall weight, it is also among the most substantial and durable replacement heads on the market.

Our Take Away

We find the Grass Gator 4680 to be an excellent tool for going through unruly weeds, even on huge properties. One thing to note, though, is that it should be mounted on a reasonably powerful string trimmer for optimal results.

The manufacturer also recommends the use of this steel blade head – for gas trimmers 25cc or higher.

Gator Head





Best Fixed “6-Steel Blade”: Replacement Head – Kingdoway

KIING DO WAY Trimmer Head Cutter Trimmer Replacement Head 6 Steel Blades Razors 65Mn Trimmer Head Cutter Grass Weed Eater Brush Cutter Tool for String Trimmer

Why We Like It

6 Razor Sharp steel blades for heavy-duty weed and light brush trimming. Good reviews from users.

Our Take Away

While innovative and more unique than the Gator model on this list, the Kingdoway is an extremely well-designed replacement trimmer head that offers more capability than either traditional trimmer line or plastic blade options.

We’ve found that this trimmer head is durable, easy to use, and very suitable for the homeowner who frequently trims heavy brush as well as grass. Caution in making sure it is compatible with your trimmer.

“Great user reviews” for this product – but many mentions also about needing washers for adapting this head to your trimmer. This product is not sold with adapters or washers.






Best “Brand Specific” Trimmer Heads and Spools

The following Replacement Heads or Spools – Are Made for Specific String Trimmer Brands:



Oregon Gator SpeedLoad: For Stihl – Husqvarna Brand Trimmers

Oregon Gator SpeedLoad Universal 4-1/2” Trimmer Head & Line for Gas String Trimmers & Multi Tools Up To 25cc. Fits Ryobi, Homelite, TroyBilt, Stihl and more


Why We Like It

Another variant of a fixed-line head is the Oregon Gator SpeedLoad, which uses a “pre-coiled” disk that includes .095 upgraded trimmer line. The spool which can be loaded in 20 seconds – is done with No Tools and No Winding making this patented system “frustration-free”.

Like other universal trimmer head replacements, the Oregon Gator SpeedLoad is also extremely versatile and is said to fit about 95 percent of gas string trimmers on the market.

It should be noted that this model does not work as an electric string trimmer replacement head.

Our Take Away

Given its unique and innovative solution to the problem of winding line onto a spool, the Oregon Gator SpeedLoad stands out in our view. We believe that this model dramatically improves the trimming capabilities of most machines and will help you make easy work of your lawn weeds

While the manufacturer claims it fits 95% of Weed Eaters manufactured, the specs only indicate the Big 3 and a few others. Contact Oregon Mfg. to confirm your size – if questions.






EGO Power+ AH1300 – 15” Trimmer Head (Cordless Weed Eater)

EGO Power+ AH1300 15-Inch String Trimmer Head with Pre-Wound Spool for EGO 15-Inch String Trimmer ST1502SA/ST1502XY/ST1500XY/ST1504SF/ST1500SF


Why We Like It

This replacement head for EGO’s line of 56-volt battery-powered trimmers is a bump feed model that comes already wound with 15 feet of .095 string trimmer line.

This replacement head is designed to fit the EGO ST-1501S and ST-1500S models, and the Power+ AH1300 model string trimmers.

This EGO factory replacement head features an Easy-load trimmer head system. When you run low, you can also opt to buy an additional trimmer line spool only- and be ready to replace this one without hassle.

Our Take Away

The AH1300 trimmer head is made with EGO’s inherent quality, and we found this head does a great job under almost any conditions.

The natural feed feature is a particular time-saver, This head features the convenience of utilizing a pre-loaded bump feed spool.






Black & Decker – “Eventronic”

Eventronic 10 Pack String Trimmer Replacement Spool for Black and Decker, 240ft 0.065' AF-100 Autofeed Replacement Spools - Compatible with Black+Decker String Trimmers(8-Line Spool + 1 Cap+1 Spring)


Why We Like It

This “8-Pack” of automatic feed replacement spool makes it easy to change nearly the entire lineup of Black & Decker trimmers.

These spools come with a whopping 30 ft. of .065 trimmer line that can be installed simply by removing the trimmer cap, removing the old spool, and inserting the new one. No hand winding is required. Swap it – And Go.

Our Take Away

The Black & Decker Eventronic replacement trimmer line head is a major convenience for owners of Black & Decker electric trimmers. We think that this spool replacement system is one of the standout replacement heads for electric trimmer models and Black & Decker in particular.






Greenworks Brand – Replacement Trimmer “Spools” (3-Pack)

Greenworks 2900719 String Trimmer Accessory, Black

Why We Like It

Like the previously listed EGO model, the Greenworks (3-Pack) replacement heads, are easily changeable spools that come pre-loaded with trimmer lines for user convenience.

These spools are compatible with the Greenworks 2101602 and 2101602A models and come loaded with a 0.065-inch trimmer line.

Our Take Away

The Greenworks replacement spools are a fast and easy way to keep your Greenworks trimmer working without the hassle of winding a new line onto empty spools.

Instead of spending your time tediously putting a line onto a spool, you can spend more of your valuable time accomplishing useful yard tasks.






Craftsman Brand – Replacement Trimmer “Spools”

CRAFTSMAN String Trimmer Line, 0.065- Inch, 3-Pack Spools, 30 Foot (CMZST0653)


Why We Like It

Craftsman’s replacement spools are made specifically to fit the company’s top line of electric weed trimmers. As such, they are made well and come loaded with 30 ft of .065 quality trimmer line that stands up to hard use for tall grass and weeds.

Our Take Away

If you own a Craftsman electric trimmer, we strongly recommend this three-pack of pre-loaded spools. Having an extra spool or two on hand is always wise, and using pre-wound replacement spools helps ensure that your up and running again quickly.  See the model compatibility to confirm these replacement spools will fit your string trimmer.





WORX Brand- 6-pack Replacement “Spools”

WORX WA0010 6-Pack Replacement Trimmer Line for Select Electric String Trimmers

Why We Like It

This 6-pack of WORX replacement spools shows the brand’s attention to convenience and quality. Each spool comes loaded with DNA2 Double-Helix .065 cutting line that is rated at a tensile strength of 100 pounds.

WORX trimmer line strength, allows it to be used on thick grass and weeds without undue amounts of line breakage.

The WORX specially designed trimmer line is designed to give way when you hit a solid object – making it less likely to snap your line when working around trees, wood fences, or rocks.

Our Take Away

WORX electric trimmer owners will do well to pick up one of the 6-pack replacement spool packages. Given their quality and the general durability of WORX products, we find that such a large number of spools can keep you supplied for quite a while.

We also find that these spools are loaded with some of the best string trimmer line available for any electric trimmer.






“Weed Eater Brand” – Replacement Spools (6-Pack)

Thten Weed Eater Spools Compatible with Black and Decker RS-136 ST4500 ST1000 ST4000 GE600 CST800 ST6800 String Trimmer Replacement Spool Line 20ft 0.065' Edger Refills Parts Auto-Feed 4 String+1 Cap


Why We Like It

Last on our list of the best weed eater replacement head options is the replacement spool for the Weed Eater brand itself. This spool, loaded with a very generous 30 feet of 0.065 line, comes complete with a built-in trimmer cap and extra retainer and spring.

The sturdy ABS construction of the spool body makes it suitable for extended use, even under challenging conditions.

Our Take Away

As the brand that first introduced string trimmers to the broader consumer market, Weed Eater has always maintained a high product quality.

In our opinion, these replacement spools live up to that reputation and will do an excellent job of cutting through grass and weeds in most contexts.






ECHO Brand – “Universal” Speed Feed 400 – Replacement Head

ECHO Speed-Feed 400 Trimmer Head

Note: This model is also our Featured “Editors Pick” but is also a genuine Echo OEM part and will fit specific Echo Trimmer models: PAS-225, GT-2200, SRM-225, SRM-280

The Echo Speed Feed 400 (99944200907) – Bump -To-Advance Replacement head Is not only designed for Echo curved and straight shaft trimmers, but it is also compatible with many other weed eaters including Stihl, & Husqvarna to name a few.

Editor’s Note: Echo and Shindaiwa are owned by the same parent company – and their products are the same or similar, branded under the Echo & Shindaiwa names.

With the speed-feed design from Echo – you simply feed 20ft. Of .095 trimmer line into the spool, pull equal 10’ lengths to either side, turn the spool cap to “wind” the trimmer line onto the spool – and you’re done – a super quick trimmer line change out!

Bottom line: If you have a large lot, and do a ton of weed whacking – this is definitely one of the very best weed eater heads you can buy.  That is, assuming it’s compatible with your string trimmer model that is.

Most users claim this is the “one and done” replacement head you can buy – it is also the one that most professional landscapers use.







Regardless of which one of these best string trimmer replacement head options you choose, you’ll find added function and convenience for your trimmer.

We recommend that you always check string trimmer compatibility – before buying a trimmer replacement head.  There are few things worse when working on your lawn,  and buying a new trimmer head only to discover that it doesn’t fit your string trimmer correctly. You’re stuck.

To assist with that, we’ve listed a few of the more popular brand-specific heads, that should only be used on those factories specific models.

The best replacement weed eater head, will not only give your string trimmer better capabilities;  but with an easy load weed eater trimmer head, you will make faster trimmer line changes than you thought possible.

While the “Universal” trimmer head models typically indicate the specific brand of equipment they will fit – we also suggest you still make sure that the replacement trimmer head will fit your weed eater before buying it.

When in doubt – you should always contact the supplier.

Also, keep in mind that instructions on how to replace the string trimmer head will vary, so be sure to read all directions before you start trying to install your new replacement head.

Thanks for visiting – and don’t forget to check our other useful guides at BestHomeGear.Com!

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