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5 Best Electric Push Mowers [2019] Reviews & Buying Guide

If you’re looking for the Best electric push mower for 2019, then you’re in the right place. Today you will see the best battery-powered mowers (cordless) and Corded electric mowers we’ve ever reviewed – so you can quickly narrow down your search. Electric Push Mowers are generally a lot lighter and easy to maneuver than their gas equivalent. These top-rated electric lawn mowers also require a lot less maintenance, so there is no need to concern yourself with gas or oil, or tune-ups or sparkplugs, which saves you money and time! You also don’t need to worry about running over a cord, a problem with many less expensive electric mowers, that require an outlet to plug into. However, for buyers with smaller yards, we have included the ultra-popular Greenworks “Corded” electric mower.  The Greenworks Electric Mower is also an Amazon Best Seller. In a hurry? Our favorite electric push mower is the Greenworks 20-Inch 40v Cordless Mower (see it at Amazon). It offers reliable gas-like power without sacrificing power and performance, all at an affordable price. We’ve put many hours into researching all of the electric push mower models on the market, so let’s find out what customers really…

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The 7 Best Reel Mower Reviews [2019 Buying Guide]

If you’re here to check out the Best reel mower reviews and 2019 buying guide, you’ve come to the right place.  Picture this, you’re sitting out on your porch on a beautiful day, sipping your favorite drink along with a good read, and you look up to see a gorgeous stretch of green lawn, the same lawn you just mowed with one of the Best Reel Mowers you’ve ever used.  Ok, cue the cameras right? – but honestly, anyone who’s used a push reel mower – knows your grass has a totally different look after using a reel mower than a typical rotary lawnmower. It’s actually “greener” – we’re not kidding, and we’ll get to more on “why” later. Most homeowners share similar pride in having a great-looking, well-kept yard. And since you’re here, this means you’re planning on joining the club and trimming your grass to perfection. You’ll also be pleased to know, these are the best reel mowers on the market, and this list features the top-rated reel mowers sold at Amazon.  In a hurry and would like to know the Editors Choice for the “Best Reel Mower” –  Than check-out the amazing Fiskars “Stay-Sharp” Reel Mower…

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The 7 Best Self Propelled Lawn Mower | Reviews 2019

Are you looking for the Best Self Propelled Lawn Mower for the money?  If so, we’re here to help you sort out the differences between the very best models you can own. In fact, we’ll explain why we think a self-propelled mower is the best type of lawnmower you can buy – period. If you don’t already own one, you’ll love this amazing piece of lawn equipment. If you already own one or are looking to upgrade, then you’ll agree that a “Self-propelled” lawnmower is one of the best pieces of lawn equipment you can possibly own.  With a no-hassle approach to lawn care, these power-assisted mowers truly make your life easier, and if you’re still wondering “are self-propelled mowers any good” or “are self-propelled mowers worth the money?”  Our answer is a resounding – Yes! The best self-propelled mowers can save loads of time and effort but are even more of a “must-have” if your yard is hilly or uneven. The top self propelled mowers are literally able to propel up the slope as opposed to having to push your way up – how great is that? And if you appreciate an electric push-button start mower vs. the…

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How to Read a Spark Plug | Photos | DIY Instructions

Knowing how to read a spark plug, can save you considerable time diagnosing ( or misdiagnosing) gasoline engine performance.  Spark plugs are the all-important device that delivers necessary Spark to your engine, and when combined with the proper gas-air mixture, provide the necessary combustion to run your motor.   What Your Spark Plugs Can Tell You Spark plug condition can provide tell-tale signs about the condition of your engine.  By simply reading spark plugs for wear and deposits, you can quickly discover whether your spark plugs are either worn out, getting too much gas (rich), too little gas (lean), running too hot (burnt), wet, cracked, and whether it’s time to change them. Having a bad spark plug or fouled spark plug can also cause all sorts of problems in your Car, Truck, Lawn Mower, Chainsaw, or any other gas powered engine. Symptoms can include; not being able to start your motor, engine misfires, poor gas mileage, and just overall bad performance. If you happen to notice any of these issues going on with your vehicle or Lawn equipment, your spark plug is the best place to get started.   Reasons to check your spark plug first:  1) A bad spark plug…

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Best Electric Mower for Stripes

Are you looking for the Best Lawn Mower for Stripes, and want to achieve those beautiful “Ball Field” lines everyone admires? You’re in luck – Today we’ll go over the Best Electric Lawn Mowers and equipment for making Lawn Stripes, and show you some techniques for Striping your own Lawn! How do you Get the Best Looking Stripes in Your Lawn? Stripes are very easy to create and are a great aesthetic for a well-groomed lawn. A stripe on your lawn is created by putting the blade of the mower at one of the higher settings and mowing in a straight line across your lawn. Once you reach one end, turn the mower 180 degrees and continue down your next row and in this pattern until you have finished mowing your lawn. For best results, mow the outside edges of your lawn at a right angle first, the outside edges will be clean and you can focus on making either vertical stripes ( as viewed from the front) without any mistakes! If you really want to know the secret to ultimate “Ball-park level stripe techniques”; check out the Lawn Striping kit from Toro below, attach to any lawn mower and…

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