Our Review Process

Content published by Best Home Gear is written for Homeowners by Experts in Home Improvement, Home Repair, Lawn care, Outdoor Equipment, Equipment Repairs, Tools, and Patio or Yard improvement.

In addition to our own first-hand experience, we invest many hours in product research before going “live” with any article.

This research includes a deep dive into real-time use and customer satisfaction, manufacturers’ warranties, and diligent side-by-side comparison of the performance and specifications of each brand. 

We also stay mindful to include Editors Choice, Runner-Up, or Best Value options to help you select merchandise based on your personal needs and your specific budget. 

We all possess various levels of Do-It-Yourself, hands-on experience.  For this reason, we always offer Step-by-Step instructions with Safety in mind before publishing Repair Guides and How-To Home Improvement Guides on our website.

Whether you’re wondering what the Best Lawn Mower is, who makes the Best Cordless Drills, How to build a fence or How-To care for your lawn or garden, we hope you benefit from our work and find the assistance you need within each of the topics we cover.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Do You Test all of the products and equipment you Review?

While we test many of the products we offer Product Reviews, it is not practical to purchase every single product we review.

Because manufacturers’ products are constantly evolving, product models are constantly being deleted and new ones added. Instead, we offer the best reviews for the most “Current” products available to consumers.

How do you determine which Products are the Best?

First, we use our field experience based on each brand’s reliability. We also consult with other product users and research the Manufacturer’s specifications.

As an Affiliate, we also rely on recent and verified – Amazon, Home Depot, and Ace Hardware customer reviews – as to which products are currently rated as the best options for consumers.

Are your Reviews impartial to avoid conflict for commissions received?

Our goal with any product review is to provide consumers only impartial product reviews per category and by each product, based on the major considerations of Performance, Cost, Durability, Testing, and User Reviews.

From our collection of data and experience, we confidently recommend products in categories such as Editors Choice (Best Overall), Runner-up, Best Value (inexpensive but solid performer), or other variations within the category.

Additional facts regarding commissions.

If you purchase something through one of our Links and decide to return it to the supplier, we receive no commission, and so from a practical sense, it is in our personal and economic Interest to recommend products you will be glad you purchased – and keep 🙂

Wrapping Up

With product improvements in the Home & Garden Industry happening daily, we consistently remove poor-performing or discontinued products regularly, replacing them with higher-rated and more reliable choices for each category.

With that in mind, if you have any comments about a product you purchased through Best Home Gear links that did not perform as expected or were generally unsatisfied with, please leave us a comment so we can consider the value or removal of that item within our product reviews. We appreciate your Feedback!