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About Best Home Gear

With over 35 years as a homeowner, builder, and rental property owner, I think I’ve used about every type of yard equipment or tool ever manufactured, and like you, have experienced the frustration of relying on equipment that was undependable, and likely a bad purchase.

When it comes to buying Tools & Power Equipment – We all have 2 options:

*You can drive to the Hardware or Home improvement store, and see what they have on their shelves

– Or –

*You review Multiple brands Online, Check Prices, Facts, User reviews, quickly make an informed decision, Buy and ship to Your location, Usually within 1-2 days.

Let’s face it, you work hard for your money, and your time for work around the house is probably limited.  While many of us may not mind doing outdoor work (I know, crazy, some people actually enjoy doing work around the Home) You also want to save time for Fun!

You know; biking, hiking, fishing, golfing, (insert your idea of fun here).

At Best Home Gear we’re here to help you accomplish both goals; by offering solid reviews, and tested results, that saves you the time and frustration of finding the right tools or equipment. Then get on with your task, And those fun things in life.

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