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How To Install an LED Mirror

Step By Step Instructions For Homeowners - How To Install LED Bathroom Mirror

If you’re wondering how to install an LED Mirror, it’s actually a much simpler task than you might think.  With our simple to follow instructions (below), DIY homeowners can easily take advantage of the fastest-growing trend in bathroom lighting.

If you’re not yet familiar, LED bathroom mirrors can provide the perfect upgrade to any modern or contemporary restroom, and enhance it with a fresh, radiant, and updated look.

While It’s no question that installing these illuminated bathroom mirrors is worth your investment, if you’re not already familiar with the task of installing LED mirrors – you may need a little help. 

Our suggestion. Just follow these simple step by step instructions, and you will be able to install any LED mirror quickly and safely.


How To Install an LED Mirror


1). Gather Tools & Materials To Install LED Mirror


tools for installing led mirror - best home gear

Here is a list of items you will need to gather – before installing an LED bathroom mirror.

  • Drill
  • 2 or 4 foot Level (or Laser Level)
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Stud Finder
  • Phillips Screwdriver

Besides these items, you will need additional materials to install and mount the mirror, such as screws and brackets. These accessories are supplied with the mirror you purchase.

2)  Take accurate measurements

measure for led mirror - best home gear


  • Remove the LED mirror from all its packaging.  This is the first step, In order to get accurate measurements.
  • Take measurements of the mirror’s overall width and height to ensure you have proper clearances and that the mirror size fits your wall.
  • Verify the best LED Mirror location – and whether the mirror should be installed Vertically or Horizontally. Note: the mirror orientation typically depends on the size* of your sink vanity.
  • Follow the LED mirror manufacturer’s instructions, locate and drill holes for wall brackets or anchors

*Note: A small sink vanity (24- 30″ wide) will require a vertical LED mirror installation, whereas, a wide sink vanity (42″ or wider) typically requires a horizontal mirror installation and a much wider LED mirror.

*In most cases, installation of an LED mirror, requires the use of attaching a removable backplate – located on the back of the LED Mirror, or the use of Two individual angle wall brackets – depending on the LED mirror manufacturer.

Note: Be sure to use a 4 ft. level or laser level when marking bracket locations to ensure a properly leveled mirror, and once confirmed, install brackets permanently.


3)  Install Wall Brackets for LED Mirror

led mirror wall brackets


These are the basic steps for installing LED mirror wall brackets – valid for most LED mirrors.  Refer to the instruction manual included with your mirror, just in case there are any product-specific recommendations.

  • Place the mirror at the appropriate height and in the center above the sink vanity.
  • Locate and mark the point of the wall studs where you will fasten your mirror. Make sure it’s correctly aligned.
  • Once you have double-checked everything, drill the wall for anchors. Note: If you are installing the mirror on a tiled wall, make sure to drill in the grout joints between the tiles.
  • Insert the dowels and screws on the bracket and lock the clamps.
  • Test the anchors by placing the mirror temporarily on the wall brackets, and confirm the mirror is correctly positioned.

4)  Test Mirror Installation

Temporarily, hang the LED Mirror on the wall, confirm it is level, secure, and set in the proper location.

If the mirror is level and the anchors appear to be secure, remove the mirror and set it aside. If it is not level or secure, simply remove and replace wall bracket locations to ensure they are secure and level.

Once you have secured the wall anchors for the mirror, you will need to provide electrical power for the LED Mirror.



How to Wire an LED Bathroom Mirror 

If you do not have an Existing electrical outlet located directly behind the new mirror location, you will need to install a new electrical outlet and connect it to your electrical circuit to power the LED Mirror.

LED mirror wires


1)  Determine “Best Location” For Electrical Outlet

Determine the electrical outlet location by measuring the location of the wiring harness location on the back of your LED Mirror. Next, transfer that location onto the wall, where you intend to install the mirror.

This wall mark will be the approximate location of the new electrical outlet.


2)  Install Electrical “Outlet Box” for Mirror

Using a stud sensor, locate the nearest wall stud to your wall mark, install a single outlet electrical box to the wood stud.

installing outlet for led mirror


3) Run “Wiring” To The Electrical Outlet

To wire (no wall switch) the new LED mirror, an electrician will need to install wiring from the home’s electrical circuit to the electrical outlet box and connect it to a new outlet (plug).  Note: if you are “hardwiring” the electrical circuit directly to the LED mirror  – you will not require a new “outlet” (shown below).

installing electrical outlet for led mirror

Finally, test the power supply and the voltage to the electrical box with a voltage meter.

Note: If you intend to use a Light switch (Wall) to operate the LED Mirror, the electrical box’s wiring will need to be connected to a separate light switch to power the mirror.

Please read carefully (disclaimer)

  • Products in this DIY article should be installed by licensed and registered tradespeople.
  • Always disconnect power at the circuit breaker before putting on or taking off parts.
  • Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s specific instructions for the installation and safety of LED Mirror.
  • Check with your local building department to see if you need a permit.
  • Observe applicable building and electrical codes.
  • Contact a licensed electrical contractor if you have any doubts or questions about the connections, or if your home’s wiring doesn’t appear to be compatible with the electrical wiring you plan on making.

4)  Test The LED Mirror

With the help of an assistant, carefully set the LED Mirror on top of the vanity and connect the mirror’s wiring to the electrical power source.

Test the LED Mirror lights to confirm the mirror is lighting and operating correctly.

Video – How to install an LED bathroom mirror with Wall Anchors:


5)  Final Installation of LED Mirror 

If the LED Mirror appears to be working correctly, you are ready to hang the LED Mirror on the wall brackets and complete the installation.

Assuming the wall brackets have been properly installed, the LED mirror has been hung and shown to be “level”, and the electrical wire has been completed and tested – you can now go ahead and perform the actual installation of the LED bathroom mirror, and enjoy your new LED mirror!

led mirror installation - Best Home Gear
How to install an LED Mirror – Besthomegear.com



We hope that this simple guide proves helpful and makes the LED bathroom mirror installation an easy project for you. We can almost guarantee that the soft-illumination and the aesthetic yet modern look of your new LED mirror will transform the lights in your bathroom into one of the most beautiful spaces of your home.

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