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Leaf Blower Techniques – 8 More Ways to use your Leaf Blower!

Here Come New Ideas For Leaf Blowers

Looking for more Tips & Tricks while using your Leaf blower? That’s great because today’s post will show multiple techniques on not only how to use a Leaf Blower, but 8 Leaf Blower techniques – that have nothing to do with leaves!

Are you in the market for a cordless leaf blower? Check out our article all about cordless leaf blowers here!

So, you’ve recently moved into a house with a large yard. Of course, the friendly homeowners association (and your neighbor’s)  are going to expect you keep the yard clean, and let’s face it – you’ve got leaves everywhere. You already know the merits of using your Leaf Blower to manage those leaves, Now you need to figure out the other benefits of owning that Cordless piece of equipment

Are you in the market for a cordless leaf blower? Check out our article all about cordless leaf blowers here!

Some of you have been using leaf blowers for some time and are thinking what else can I do with this handy piece of equipment just sitting there? Well, here’s our Top 9 list of things to use your Leaf Blower for:

Top 8 Ways to Use a Leaf Blower

  1. Rake the leaves with wind tunnel power
  2. Clean out your vehicles
  3. Drying your vehicles
  4. Cleaning other lawn equipment
  5. Clear out debris in the gutters
  6. Clean out dryer vents
  7. Snow Plowing
  8. Get rid of pollen
  9. Beautify patio or porch

These are just some of the many ways you can use a leaf blower, and if any of them intrigue you then read on for more detail. Trust me, you’re going to want to know some of these techniques.

Rake the Yard: With Wind Tunnel Power

Autumn months bring a lot of stuff we love. Crisp cool breezes, a break from scorching summer temperatures, football, the start of the NBA regular season, and epic tailgate parties.

But it also brings a little more yard-work in the form of Falling Leaves.  Naturally, you want to get those leaves out of the yard, and Leaf Blowers let you do it with ease.

Section off the Lawn

Have you ever wondered why they cut your pizza into slices? I mean, you know you’re going to eat the whole thing anyway, so why divide it? That’s when I realized; the slices make the pie easier to manage. It’s the same thing with leaf blowing.

Section off the lawn and clean it up a little at a time. Before you know it; there’s only one pile left. And your left wondering where all the pizza… err… I mean leaves went!

Change Speeds

When leaf blowing, you will likely be spanning an area with different types of surface. Some hard with little friction, like concrete. And other surfaces aren’t so hard and have plenty of friction, like the actual yard.

When you are blowing off the paved surfaces, drop the speed down a bit. The leaves travel much easier on these surfaces, and the last thing you need is for your pile of leaves to fly everywhere except where they’re supposed to.

Gone with the Wind

You can use the wind to your advantage you know. Think of leaf blowing like a field goal; it’s better to kick with the wind, rather than against it. Leaf blowing against the wind is the textbook definition of working against yourself.

All your really doing is picking the leaves up, and letting the wind put ‘em back down where they were. Instead, blow with the wind. That way you see how far you make the leaves go.

Here’s a fun video to show you 5 Other ways to use your Leaf Blower:

Leaf Blower Hacks that will Blow you Away 🍁Fall Leaves

Clean Out Your Vehicle

There is one sure-fire way to get your car clean without ever having to touch it.  Pay someone else 🙂

But seriously, if you don’t mind a little bit of work you can use your new leaf blower to power all that dust, dirt, and trash right out of the car with just the right amount of effort – ZERO! Think about it, no dragging out the vacuum, and best of all; no vacuuming. Sounds too good to be true right, but it’s not.

Just open all the doors, put the leaf blower on full blast, and watch the car miraculously go from trash to class. Of course, now the driveway is a wreck. But you’ve got kids to clean that mess up. They’re the ones that left the fries under the seat anyway!

Dry Your Vehicle

After you wash your car, you have to dry it. Some people don’t but that’s why their car looks like trash not even a couple of hours after washing. Some people recommend using newspaper to dry your car. Others recommend microfiber cloths. Me, I recommend leaf blowers.

Turn it on, hit the max power setting and scare those wet spots right off the car with 600 CFM of wind tunnel power. Those watermarks stand no chance. Sure, it may be overkill, but it’s also Fast!

Cleaning Other Lawn Equipment

What’s more exciting than cleaning lawn equipment? Everything!

But that doesn’t mean you don’t need to clean your lawn equipment the hard way.  Spruce up your lawn equipment cleaning routine by taking your leaf blower and blasting all the dead grass and dust off your lawnmower.

Clean out the Debris in the Gutter

Everyone deals with leaves and pine needles getting lodged in their gutters. It looks bad, and even worse it can cause serious damage to your house.

Gutters as you know,  are designed to carry water away from your house, and into a drainage area. But when your gutters are clogged that water just builds up and the overflows down the house siding and down to the foundation, vs. through the downspout, out through the drain tile – and away from the house.

Thankfully, there is a sure-fire way to get those gutters cleaned. Guess how… yep, a leaf blower. All you have to is grab a ladder, and crank up the leaf blower’s power and watch all that debris fly!

Clean Out Your Dryer Vents

Do you know that thing in the front of the dryer? Yeah, that little doohickey that’s right by the door. It looks like it might be important, but it’s really just a fabric dust filter

It’s also a great idea to keep this filter cleaned out to avoid a potential fire hazard risk.

You can use your leaf blower or better yet, your Leaf Vacuum to clean the out the dryer vents.  It’s easier than you might think. Just remove the screen, Unhook the dryer vent in back -usually one clamp – put the end of the leaf blower in the vent, and press the on button. All the debris that was stuck in there will be jarred loose and hopefully, fly out of the dryer; rather than inside the dryer.

Plowing Snow

Its December, and you’ve got snow collecting on your driveway like every morning now. What do you do? You can’t call out of work, because you used the “my driveway is filled with snow excuse yesterday. Do you get your shovel and start digging?

No, you grab your leaf blower and blast into the snow with all the power it can muster up. Sure, it might take longer, but it might do in a pinch with light snowfalls.  At the very least, you can clear a path to your Grille on the back deck!

Get Rid of Pollen

Springtime is great. It’s when bees begin to pollinate, and flowers start growing. The world around you is filled with beauty, both in vision and fragrance. Pollen is the life force of flowers.

But your issue may be less about the flowers. And pollen is a major health issue for you…Your face swells up, you can’t breathe well, and your eyes continually water. Fight back with your Leaf Blower! Wage war on all that pollen that builds up in your driveway, on the sidewalk, and on the window sills.

Beautify the Patio/Porch

Patios, balconies, and porches are meant for one thing. Fun, comfort, and barbecues. Okay, so that’s more than one. But they definitely aren’t designed for a place to store all of your fallen leaves and other debris. You’ve got to keep them clean of all that. How else, can you expect to enjoy a cold beer on a cool autumn night.


Today was a little more lighthearted article, but I hope I’ve given you a few more creative ideas for using your Leaf Blower.  Leaf blowers are one of the all-time most useful pieces of equipment we have in our garage. They can be used both indoors and outdoors. They’re called leaf blowers, but they do so much more than that!

But it is also one of the most Underutilized tools in our arsenal. It’s right up there with the adjustable wrench that can never seem to get tight enough to work. All of that is about to change. Because now you have 8 new ways to use them!

And if you don’t have a leaf blower yet – Check out our Top Rated Cordless Leaf Blower Review!

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