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Best Patio Heater In 2021 – [Review & Buyers Guide]

The Fastest Way to Warm Your Patio on Cold Evenings!

Looking for the Best Outdoor Patio Heater in 2021 for your home or commercial patio? In today’s article, we review the absolute Best Outdoor Heater options on the market – and help you decide which one is right for you.

We think It’s only natural when you have an inviting outdoor area that you would want to spend as much time as possible enjoying that space. But when the weather turns chilly, continuing to spend time outside means finding a good source of heat – like our premium pick “fire sense” patio heater – can keep you and your’s comfortable well into the cold season.

Fortunately, a propane patio heater is one of the least expensive and best outdoor heaters you can buy. In addition, the price points of these outdoor deck heaters are vast, and the wide selection of outdoor propane heaters for the patio is awesome!

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Below, you’ll find our top picks in many different categories. Each of the stand-up patio heater reviews includes the key features and any criticisms from real users – who understand the pros and cons of these products the best.


Editor’s ChoicePremium PickBest Value
Amazon Basics 46,000 BTU Outdoor Propane Patio Heater with Wheels, Commercial & Residential - Slate GrayFire Sense Stainless Steel Commercial Patio Heater with Wheels | Uses 20 Pound Propane Tank | 46,000 BTU Output | Electronic Ignition System | Weighted Base | Portable Outdoor Heat LampHiland-HLDS01-CGT-Tall Patio Heater, Hammered Bronze Finish
Amazon Basics 46,000 BTU Outdoor Propane Patio Heater with Wheels, Commercial & Residential - Slate GrayFire Sense Stainless Steel Commercial Patio Heater with Wheels | Uses 20 Pound Propane Tank | 46,000 BTU Output | Electronic Ignition System | Weighted Base | Portable Outdoor Heat LampHiland-HLDS01-CGT-Tall Patio Heater, Hammered Bronze Finish


Best Patio Heater – Reviews For 2021



Editor’s Pick:  “Amazon Basics” Commercial Patio Heater, Slate Grey

Amazon Basics 46,000 BTU Outdoor Propane Patio Heater with Wheels, Commercial & Residential - Slate Gray

Key Features of This Product Include:

  • 46,000 BTU heating capacity
  • 89-inch overall height
  • Piezo ignition
  • Powder-coated for long term durability
  • Attached wheels
  • Solid Steel with a powder-coat finish in Slate Grey

Criticisms of this unit aren’t widespread, but one minor complaint that a few buyers have noted is that the manufacturers’ instructions could be a little clearer.

This patio heater from Amazon Basics is considered an excellent option for keeping most outdoor spaces well-heated, and comfortable during the colder periods of the year.  At 46,000 BTUs of heat output, this is one of the best patio heaters in its price range for distributing sufficient heat to keep a patio area heated efficiently.

Its solid construction is also a major bonus, as some lower-quality patio heaters tend to rust out in a few seasons of use.

One of the significant advantages of this model is the piezoelectric push-button starter, which saves users the hassle of lighting the heater with a source of flame. An added safety feature is also present in the form of a tilt-over shutoff that will automatically turn the heater off if it gets tipped over.

The ultimate convenience of this patio heater is the fact that it has a pair of durable wheels attached on one side, allowing it to be tilted back and easily rolled from place to place as needed. If you frequently find yourself needing to heat different areas outside of your house, this heater may be a good option for you. The unit is easy to navigate with its lighter weight of only 40 pounds.




Premium Pick: Fire Sense Patio Heater, Stainless Steel Finish

Fire Sense Stainless Steel Commercial Patio Heater with Wheels | Uses 20 Pound Propane Tank | 46,000 BTU Output | Electronic Ignition System | Weighted Base | Portable Outdoor Heat Lamp

Key Features of This Product Include:

  • 46,000 BTU heating capacity
  • 89-inch overall height
  • Single-stage ignition
  • Premium stainless steel construction
  • Attached heavy duty wheels

Though very similar to the AmazonBasics heater, this model from Fire Sense stands out as a strong candidate for the best propane patio heater because of the higher-grade stainless steel materials used in many aspects of its construction.

From stainless steel burners to an all-aluminum reflector hood, Fire Sense has gone out of its way to create an excellent patio heater. Especially for High Humidity climates where Rust wreaks havoc on anything Not Stainless. For this reason, this model has earned the position of the top premium pick on our list.

Operating on a 20-pound propane tank, this unit will run for about 10 hours, making it a good choice for entertaining on cooler evenings when you may have friends over for a prolonged period. Like the similar AmazonBasics model, this heater has two attached wheels that make it easy to move around your yard.

At 42 pounds, it is just slightly heavier than the previous model, a fact which keeps it mobile while providing a bit of extra stability. Even though it is more of a premium model, many reviewers still regard it as an excellent value due to its high quality.

As a final advantage, this patio heater is fairly easy to assemble, and most buyers find that it has none of the fit problems that sometimes make assembly a hassle on lower-quality products. You can check out the “Fire Sense” patio in the Youtube video below:

Most reviews of this product are very positive. A few users noted the heater itself sits high, making it slightly inefficient in colder climate sitting areas. While this model uses premium burner materials, some of the hardware that it uses is made from lower-grade steel that can corrode – if the heater is left out in the elements.



Best Value:   Hiland – 48,000 BTU Premium Outdoor Patio Heater, Hammered Bronze

Hiland-HLDS01-CGT-Tall Patio Heater, Hammered Bronze Finish

Key Features of This Product Include:

  • 48,000 BTU heating capacity
  • Hammered Bronze Finsih
  • 20 Square foot heating radius
  • 33″ overhead Heat Shield
  • 87-inch overall height
  • Push-button ignition
  • Durable steel frame

At 48,000 BTUs, this patio heater from Hiland offers more than enough heating capacity for almost any outdoor weather condition. Within a 20-foot radius, this heater will keep you more than warm enough to stay outside well into the colder months. This significant heating capacity, paired with its relatively low price compared to many similar models, has earned this outdoor patio heater the best value spot on this list.

Although most patio heaters are a one-person assembly, the Hiland 48,000 BTU Patio Heater can be a little tricky to assemble. Because of the added “table” option, but once you get this step figured out – you’re home free.

In addition to its commercial-grade heating, this model also has several useful features that will make it more convenient for patio use. Wheels on the back of the unit make it easy to move, while a weight bladder that can be filled with sand or water allows it to be weighted down if you prefer to keep it in one place.

Push-button starting makes this unit easy to use, and variable heat control will allow you to adjust the heat output to precisely the level you want. As an aesthetic note, the hammered bronze finish of this model is also quite handsome and blends well with many contemporary styles of patio furniture.




Best Tabletop Patio Heater: Fire Sense 61322, Bronze

Fire Sense Hammer Tone Bronze Table Top Patio Heater | Uses 1 Pound Propane Tank | 10,000 BTU Output | Portable Outdoor Heat Lamp | Ideal for Garage, Camping, Hiking, Picnics | CSA Approved, ODS Comp

Key Features of This Product Include:

  • 10,000 BTU heating capacity
  • Push-button ignition
  • Takes a 1-pound propane cylinder
  • 35-inch overall height
  • 14.3 pounds

Although 10,000 BTUs are quite a bit below the heat output of the full-size versions covered in our other patio heater reviews, this tabletop version from Fire Sense is a good option for keeping your patio seating area comfortable as the weather begins to cool down in the autumn.

At just 14.3 pounds, this unit is also extremely portable. It does, however, have many of the same features as its larger cousins, including push-button piezo starting and a tilt-over shut-off safety mechanism.

Though not exactly a criticism, many owners of this tabletop patio heater recommend buying an adapter to hook it up to a standard 20-pound tank, as a 1-pound cylinder will need to be replaced fairly frequently.

Another considerable advantage of the Fire Sense 61322 is the fact that it can be used in spaces that wouldn’t accommodate a full-size heater. For example, many users choose this heater for keeping their screened porches warm. In many cases, the ceilings on such porches would be too low for a taller propane heater to be used safely.



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Best Folding Heater for Umbrella: Star Parasol “Electric” Patio Heater

STAR PATIO Parasol Electric Patio Heater, Folding Umbrella Electric Patio Space Heater, Three-Arm Infrared Patio Heater, Foldable Outdoor Heater, 2028-P

Key Features of This Product Include:

  • 5,100 BTU heating capacity
  • 1,500W maximum power draw
  • Three arms for even heat distribution
  • Only works when heating elements face down
  • No fumes or CO2

This electric “umbrella” patio heater is a favorite among users who dislike the extra maintenance that goes into using propane or natural gas heat. However, it’s important to understand your heating needs before deciding to purchase a patio heater. At only 5100 BTU’s Some buyers have purchased this unit only to discover that the heat output isn’t quite enough for cold nights in their areas.

Although they don’t have the same ability to produce heat as propane heaters, electric patio heaters make up for it by offering a very high level of convenience. Rather than hooking up, changing, and refilling tanks, heaters like the Star Patio Parasol allow you to heat your outdoor areas using pure electrical power.

Electrical units such as these are also excellent from a safety perspective, as shutoff switches can directly disconnect the power and turn them off immediately if something goes wrong.

The Star Patio Parasol also solves the problem of heating patio tables covered by umbrellas. While propane heaters can put out a good amount of heat, they have to be kept away from umbrellas for safety reasons.

As a result, they must sometimes be set too far away to provide adequate heat. Using an infrared heater that can clamp onto the umbrella’s post and fold down along with it, though, you can get even, direct heating for your patio table.




Best Glass Tube Heater: AZ Patio Heaters Quartz Glass Tube

Hiland HLDSO1-GTPC 91-Inch Tall Quartz Glass Tube Heater - With wheels, Matte Black

Key Features of This Product Include:

  • 40,000 BTU heating capacity
  • 90-inch overall height
  • Push-button igniter
  • 65.2 pounds

The AZ Patio Heaters Quartz Glass Tube model is a handsome, well-constructed outdoor heater that produces a spectacular flame effect. While other heaters on this list certainly offer higher BTU ratings, this model stands out for its glass tube visual impact. Some buyers have even gone so far as to purchase several of these heaters to position around their patio areas to achieve the maximum possible lighting effect from them.

While most users like this heater quite well, some find that it does not produce enough heat for their needs. At 40,000 BTUs, this unit has a little less heating capacity than some of its competitors, which is well worth keeping in mind while making your purchasing decision.

At 65.2 pounds, this unit is less mobile but much more stable than some of its lighter counterparts. Nevertheless, it still offers tilt-over shutoff protection to ensure that users are kept safe in the unlikely event that the heater should tip over.

Because of its greater weight and reduced mobility, this unit is likely the best natural gas patio heater candidate if you plan to do a natural gas conversion on any of the units listed in this article. If you do prefer to move it, though, this model does still includes wheels that can be used to lighten the burden.




Best “Portable” Propane Heater: Mr. Heater MH18B

Mr. Heater F274800 MH18B, Portable Propane Heater,Red,Regular

Key Features of This Product Include:

  • Very light & easy to move around
  • 18,000 BTU heating capacity
  • Heats up to 450 square feet
  • Compact and portable
  • Nearly 100 percent efficient
  • Electronic ignition!

Although it isn’t as decorative as several of the other heaters reviewed here, the Mr. Heater MH18B is a highly functional and extremely portable model that offers reasonably good heating for smaller patio areas or workshop spaces. At 18,000 BTUs, this heater is best used for heat in the autumn and early winter, as it likely won’t be enough to keep you warm during the coldest parts of the year.

The Mr. Heater model uses a combination of radiant and convective heating to spread heat more effectively, allowing it to heat spaces of up to 450 square feet under the right conditions.

While this propane heater receives excellent reviews, some buyers have criticized the high rate at which it uses propane when placed on a high heat setting. A somewhat low-powered fan for moving hot air around – is also cited as a minor complaint.

Despite being a more stripped-down heater, the MH18B offers most of the features and functions you would normally expect from a more expensive patio heater. With a tip-over switch and a low oxygen shutoff, this propane heater is very safe to use. The danger of fumes is also extremely low, as this heater is rated for both indoor and outdoor use and offers nearly 100 percent combustion efficiency.

Finishing off the package is a porcelain-coated reflector and insulated ceramic burner tiles that make this heater durable and long-lasting.




Best “Direct Mount to Propane Tank” Heater: Mr. Heater Tank Top Heater

Mr. Heater, MH30T Double Tank Top Outdoor Propane Heater (Propane Cylinder not Included)

Key Features of This Product Include:

  • Quick heating capacity
  • Super convenient – Direct mount to a 20-pound propane cylinder
  • Heats up to 990 square feet
  • Take anywhere size
  • Economical – Great for Camping

Like Mr. Heaters MH18B, this tank top heater is much more functional than decorative. Its adjustable burner mounts directly to a standard propane tank and produces a considerable amount of heat that is distributed through radiative transfer. Because of the way it is set up, this heater is extremely portable and can be taken anywhere that a propane tank will be available.

Even though users of Mr. Heater Tank Top Heater are overwhelmingly satisfied with its heat output, many do note that it goes through a tank of propane quite quickly. Some reviews also indicate that a strong wind can blow the burner out, making it a good idea to place it somewhere semi-sheltered from the wind. But hey, it’s portable!

In addition to heating patios, this propane heater can be used for a wide variety of other uses. Whether you have a detached garage that needs extra heat in the winter or are looking for a bit of heat in a fishing cabin or camping, this heater can keep you warm in almost any setting. Because of its small size and simple function, it also has the advantage of being quite economical for a high output heater.





  • To select the right outdoor patio heater, you’ll need to consider the amount of heat you need, the place the heater will be used, and how it will blend in with your patio decor.
  • *Your heating needs will mostly depend on the weather in your area and how late in the year you want to be able to continue using your patio. Obviously, the colder the temperatures you are expecting, the more heating capacity you’ll need.
  • *Space itself will also make a difference, as not all heaters will fit well in all patio areas. If you’re working with minimal space, a full-size heater may be unnecessary and take up valuable room.
  • Finally, you should try to match your new heater to your existing patio furniture and the design elements used in your outdoor space. Any heater will be large enough to attract attention, so it should look good in combination with the rest of your patio.

Choosing the right heater to buy will take some consideration on your part, but the reviews above should help you sort the field down to a few good options. Consider these heaters, weigh your needs and preferences and you’ll soon be able to decide which one is best for you.

Thanks for visiting BestHomeGear.Com and good luck with your own Patio heater Selection!

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