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Best Self Propelled Gas Lawn Mower (Reviews For 2022)

Are you looking for the Best Self Propelled Gas Lawn Mower in 2022?  If so, you’re in the right place, because today we’ll help you sort out the differences between the best self propelled lawn mower brands – and why we think a self-propelled gas mower is one of the best lawnmowers to consider buying

By the way, all of the gas-propelled mowers in our guide will help you save significant time and effort in mowing a lawn – VS. a Push-Mower.  And any of the top-rated self-propelled mowers will propel the mower up a sloped yard or uneven terrain with ease.

And, If you are wondering:  “Are self-propelled mowers worth the money?”  Our answer is a definite – Yes – assuming your lawn is under 1 acre. A Gas Mower is suitable for larger acreage vs. Battery mowers, which are better suited for 1/2 acre or smaller lawns.

For really big yards, and if your budget allows it, we recommend getting the best riding lawn mower you can afford, specifically for lots that are 1 acre or larger.

Also, If you appreciate an electric push-button start mower vs. the standard ripcord pull method, you will be satisfied that a couple of the (6) self-propelled mowers in our review offer an “Electric Start” self-propelled lawn mower feature:  Honda and Lawn Boy.

What is a Self-Propelled Mower and How Does it Work?

A self-propelled mower is a popular piece of lawn equipment which engages the wheels to “drive” or propel the lawn mower forward. Located on the lawn mower handle or by a separate control lever, the operator can engage either the Front wheels, Rear wheels, or All-wheel drive, depending on the design of the self-propelled mower. 

The operator, by engaging the drive – does not have to push the mower but instead simply walks behind and steers the mower across the lawn. Self-propelled mowers offer the same features as manual push mowers but typically allow for quicker mowing times, with adjustable walking speeds between 2 – 5 mph.

The Best Self-Propelled Gas Mower:


Editors’ Choice –  Honda 663040 – 21″ Self-Propelled Mower

Honda 663040 21 in. GCV170 Engine Smart Drive Variable Speed 3-in-1 Self Propelled Lawn Mower with Auto Choke and Electric Start

Our choice for the Best “Self-Propelled Gas Lawn Mower” – is the Honda 663040 with The Honda GCV170 Engine.  This incredibly powerful gas-powered lawnmower provides every feature you could hope for in a lawnmower, including “smart-drive” technology and an “Electric Start” engine.

We named this one the Best Mower for a lot of reasons, namely for its industry-leading brand reputation, but also the popularity of this particular Honda lawn mower.

The 663040 checks all the boxes you could hope for; Honda Brand dependability, smart drive (adjusts the speed of the mower to your walking pace), twin micro-cutting mower blades, and a powerful 170cc GCV170 gas engine.

Honda Self Propelled Gas Mower
Honda HRN216VKA Self-Propelled Mower – Besthomegear.com

Key Features of This Lawn Mower Include:

  • GCV170 Honda Engine
  • Dual-Height (7-Position) Levers
  • Perfect for 1/4 – 1/2 acre lot
  • 21″ Steel Mowing Deck – With High Volume Lift Design
  • Grass Collection Bag Included
  • Push-Button Electric Start
  • 3-Year Warranty
  • Weather Resistant
  • 3-in1 Mowing Options – Side, Rear discharge, or Mulching

Honda 663040 21″ Self Propelled Gas Lawn Mower Video:



Honda mowers can easily reach up to $1,000 in cost. But why spend that much for a premium brand when this Honda mower comes packed with all the features you could ever need for less cost?

Those features include the patented “variable speed” Smart Drive – which adjusts to “your walking pace”,  “Electric Key Start”, a powerful 190cc OHV gas engine, and Auto-Choke.

With this amazingly powerful self-propelled mower, you just have to turn the key, press the start button, and Go.  Honda truly offers the best premium gas mower you can buy.

HONDA – GAS-Powered Self-Propelled Mower




Runner Up:  Craftsman Self-Propelled Mower – Variable Speed

CRAFTSMAN M215 140cc 21-Inch 3-in-1 High-Wheeled FWD Self-Propelled Gas Powered Lawn Mower with Bagger, Liberty Red

Our strongest contender for Runner Up – is the Craftsman 159cc – gas-powered self-propelled mower with the highly sought Overhead Valve 149cc engine. This 21″ Steel Deck, front-wheel-drive (FWD) mower is a very high-quality mower – sold at a very reasonable price point.

We named this self-propelled mower our Runner-Up because it offers maximum features, Like user-friendly Front-wheel drive, Auto-Choke, Variable Speed Control, and a Dual wheel height adjuster – all at a very competitive price.

Key Features of This Lawn Mower Include:

  • 159cc OHV Engine With Variable Speed Control
  • Front-Wheel Drive
  • 3-in1 Mowing Options – Side, Rear discharge, or Mulching
  • The mower can be operated with only one hand
  • 6 adjustable height settings
  • Auto Choke – Pull and Go!
  • Bag included

A couple of reasons the Craftsman Self-Propelled mower beats out some of our other gas-powered mowers is the Powerful 159CC engine which makes it nearly as powerful as the Honda.  The Craftsman has met buyers’ needs with a powerful 159cc engine and generally easy lawnmower to own and maintain.

With its 3-in-1 mowing option, including side discharge, bag, or mulch, the larger bagging capacity on this model is also a favorite feature.  Users like that they spend less time dumping clippings and more time mowing! 

For users with large lots or very heavy cutting, the Craftsman Mower at 21″ may be a bit light-duty. The average homeowner with a small to a medium-sized lot, however, will find that this mower provides good construction quality, a reasonable amount of power, and excellent ease of use for routine mowing.

Craftsman Self-Propelled Mower




Best Value:  PowerSmart 22″ Self-Propelled Mower – PSM2322

PowerSmart Self Propelled Gas Lawn Mower, 21-Inch 209cc 3-in-1 Walk-Behind Lawn Mowers Gas Powered, Red

Although there are many great gas-powered self-propelled mowers, many can fall into a pretty hefty price range.  And for us, the Model PSM2322- PowerSmart lawn mower – is the clear choice for the best value Gas-powered self-propelled lawn mower.

If you want to buy a better value lawn mower and don’t want to break the bank to buy it – we highly recommend the Powersmart mower with a 3-in-1 (bag, mulch, discharge) and a 22″ steel mowing deck.

This model has also been one of Amazon’s Best Rated mowers for the last few years.

The Powersmart lawn mower offers a fantastic mix of quality and features at a price point that practically any homeowner can afford.

Key Features of This Lawn Mower Include:

  • 22-inch mower deck
  • Powerful 200cc 4-Stroke OHV Engine
  • Fold-UP Vertical Storage (saves 70% floor space)
  • 5-Height Adjustable Lever
  • Rear Wheel Drive (more power)
  • Recoil “One-Pull” Cord start
  • No Variable control Speed is available
  • Single lever adjustable height control
  • 11.5″ Large Rear Wheels  

PowerSmart Lawn Mower Video


The PowerSmart mower has more power (but costs nearly 2/3 as much) as the larger 190cc gas engine from Honda.  And with a value-priced mower, you’ll have less concern about your budget – and still not have to worry aboutlawnmower surging” that comes from inferior engines.

The one caveat from Pro smart is that the mower doesn’t offer a variable speed drive motor, so you will need to keep pace (a little slower) than PowerSmart sets their walking speed at.

This is one of the very few features we could find that keeps their mower less expensive than other brands.

The PowerSmart Lawn Mower is designed with rear-wheel drive (RWD) for climbing uneven or hilly yards, and for that type of terrain, RWD will always outshine front-wheel drive (FWD) models.

The 11.5″ large rear wheels are also perfect for uneven terrain and propelling up steep-sloped yards. 

The Powersmart PSM2322 – “3-in-1” mower is also capable of bagging, mulching, or side discharge, just like any conventional gas mower.

Powersmart Gas Self Propelled Mower
Powersmart Self-Propelled Gas Lawn Mower – Besthomegear.com

PowerSmart Mower Summary:

Powersmart has, in the last 4-5 years, become a reputable but affordable name in Lawn Equipment.  Additionally, Powersmart now offers a complete line of outdoor power tools, such as leaf blowers, string trimmers, and hedge trimmers. If you are running light on funds for lawn equipment.

The PowerSmart gets our pick for Best Self-Propelled Mower under $400. Just keep in mind with this Powersmart Self Propelled lawn mower, there is No Adjustable Speed for walking pace. The only mower in our reviews that does not offer that feature.

PowerSmart- Self-Propelled Mower




Best Mower with Vertical Storage – Toro Smartstow Recycler 


Toro Smartstow Gas Self Propelled Mower 21465
Toro Smartstow – Self-Propelled Gas Mower – Besthomegear.com

For buyers who want one of the best gas lawn mowers on the market and want the ease of storing a lawn mower Vertically in the garage,  we highly recommend the 22″ Toro Smartstow Gas Self Propelled Lawn Mower.

With a powerful 150 cc OHV engine and Rear Wheel Drive, this mower will tackle just about any lawn you can throw at it. The Toro brand is rock solid, and this mower offers many of the same excellent features as higher-priced mowers.

Key Features of This Product Include:

  • Briggs & Stratton 150cc OHV Engine
  • 22″ Steel Mowing Deck
  • SELF-PACE walking speed control
  • Vortex High Lift Grass Cutting design
  • 5-Position Cutting Heights
  • Larger Bag Capacity (Bagger Included)
  • 3-in-1 Discharge Ability
  • 3-Year Warranty

Buyers who select the Toro Smartstow lawn mower will find it to be both a good value and an overall high-quality lawnmower than most brands. This mower starts easily and offers more than enough power to propel it over steep terrain. Unlike some mowers that aren’t built to Toro’s standards, this model loses little to no grass when used for bagging.

Check out Toro’s Gas Self-Propelled Mower Video:



We still prefer the Editor’s choice, “Honda lawn mower,” for a couple of reasons. Honda offers a more powerful (190cc) engine, which is more practical for steep properties or Hills and is better for less frequent mowings (longer grass).

In addition, Honda also offers this mower with an “Electric-Start” feature. No more yanking pull cords to start your mower.

These features, however, are the only big differences Honda offers vs. the Toro Stowmaster mower, but for those with a bigger budget, the Honda may still be a better choice.

If you instead prefer the Vertical Storage and Cost of the Toro – It is a fantastic choice for a self-propelled mower gas-powered.

TORO – Gas Powered Self-propelled Mower




Best Value Self-Propelled Gas Mower with “Electric Start”:  Lawn Boy 17734 (RWD)

Lawn-Boy 17734 21-Inch 6.5 Gross Torque Kohler Electric Start XTX OHV, 3-in-1 Discharge Self Propelled Lawn Mower

For buyers who want the best gas lawn mower with the ease of using Electric Start capability, we highly recommend the Lawn Boy 17734 with Rear Wheel drive. This mower offers many of the same excellent features as higher-priced mowers and allows you to start with just the turn of a key.  

No more excuses for letting that grass get out of hand with this model, as you would with a push mower.  If you love the Lawn Boy mower but would prefer a Honda Engine over the Kohler XTX engine, you also have that option – however, they don’t offer the Kohler with Electric Start.  Go to Amazon to check out all the self-propelled Lawn Boy mower options.

Key Features of This Product Include:

  • Kohler XTX OHV Engine
  • Electric Start
  • Self-Propel
  • Lawn-Boy Engineered Tri-Cut System
  • Two-Point Height of Cut
  • Larger Bag Capacity
  • 3-in-1 Discharge Ability
  • 3-Year Tru-Start Commitment
  • 2-Year No Worry Warranty

Buyers who select the Lawn Boy 17734 Rear Wheel Drive will find it to be both a good value and an overall high-quality lawnmower. This mower starts easily and offers more than enough power to propel it over steep terrain. Unlike some mowers that aren’t built to Lawn Boy’s standards, this model loses little to no grass when used for bagging.

Check out Lawn Boy’s Gas Mower with “Electric Start”:


Customer Concerns/Suggestions:

One con that has been mentioned with regards to the Lawn boy Electric Start Mower is that the product comes with front wheels disassembled, and some work is required to set up the handle as well.  This is sort of typical with mowers shipped to customers, but be aware there is some assembly.

Because it is a Rear Wheel drive, it isn’t quite as easy to maneuver as a front-wheel-drive mower.  The rear wheels are larger than the front at 8″ but not as big as other models, which have 11″ High wheels.  For the High-Wheel option, you need to select the non-electric start model.

LAWN BOY:   Self-propelled GAS Mower




Best Self-Propelled Mower for Hills:  Husqvarna L221A – (AWD) All-Wheel Drive

Husqvarna LC221AH, 21 in 163cc Briggs & Stratton Walk Behind Mower

Coming in first on our list of the best All Wheel Drive (AWD) self-propelled lawn mowers is the Husqvarna L221A – Which we have to nominate as our favorite mower for steep terrain or hills.  With one of the best all-wheel-drive options in the self-propelled mower marketplace, the Husqvarnahas all four wheels driving the mower and is clearly the best mower for hills that we reviewed. 

With a reliable and powerful 163 cc Briggs & Stratton engine, this mower has about all the bells and whistles one could hope for. As is typical of Husqvarna, the L221AH offers a very high construction quality.

Thanks to its all-wheel-drive mechanism, this mower also provides users with extensive maneuvering capabilities and propulsion that will work well on very Hilly or uneven surfaces.

The key features of this product include:

  • 21-in Premier Cut provides a superior lift for manicured professional looking results
  • Featuring 2-pull starting promise with a powerful 163cc Briggs & Stratton Ready Start engine for easy and reliable starts
  • Check & Add easy-to-maintain engine – allows you never to have to change the engine oil
  • All-Wheel Drive with Dual-Trigger activation allows convenient variable speed control with either hand
  • 11-in high, rear ball-bearing wheels ensure smooth operation and maneuverability; Ideal for medium to large size yards with hilly, uneven terrain, and other tough mowing conditions

People who have bought the L221A (AWD) tend to be impressed by both its build quality and its ability to easily mow larger lots. Although it’s an excellent option for anyone, buyers who have significant inclines on their properties have been delighted with this mower, as it can quickly climb up higher grades than many of its competitors.

Thanks to the 163cc engine, this model from Husqvarna also offers more than enough power and usually starts on the very first pull.

The only major downside of the Husqvarna L221A Mower is the fact that it is quite heavy. While this won’t matter for the average homeowner, people who load their mower into a vehicle to mow multiple lots should keep the weight factor in mind.

If you haven’t used a self-propelled lawn mower before, this all-wheel-drive model may take some getting used to, but you will soon find yourself using it with ease.

Husqvarna – All Wheel Drive Mower




Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Self-Propelled Mowers


How Does a Self-Propelled Mower Work?

Self-propelled lawnmowers operate by engaging the Drive-System to the lawnmower wheels.  Much like a vehicle, self-propelled mowers use the engine to engage either the front wheels (FWD), rear wheels (RWD), or all wheels (AWD) to propel the lawnmower and cut grass.

How Do You Use Self-Propelled Mower?

If you have not used a Self-Propelled mower before, the process is really quite simple.  Here are the steps required to use a self-propelled mower:

  1. Engage the “Choke” lever (unless your model has “Auto-Choke”)
  2. Grip and hold the “Safety Lever” on the Mower Handle
  3. Pull starter cord (or use turnkey if electric start)
  4. Disengage “Safety Lever” to engage self-propelled mower wheels
  5. Adjust walking speed to a comfortable pace

Can You Push a Self-Propelled Lawn Mower?

Yes, in fact, you can push a self-propelled mower without the self-propelled wheels engaged, just as long as the drive-system lever is disengaged from the wheels.

Which is Better Front Wheel Or Rear Wheel Drive Lawn Mower?

The decision to buy a front-wheel (FWD), rear-wheel (RWD), or all-wheel drive (AWD), is a matter of personal preference and affordability. Generally, FWD mowers are considered the easiest to operate on a level lawn and are also easier to make turns with.  Just tilt the front wheels up when and make your turn.

RWD mowers, on the other hand, with the weight centered over the rear wheels, are better for hilly or sloping yards.

The ultimate drive system, the AWD mower is considered the best mower for steep hills but is easily the most powerful drive system for lawn mowers in any condition.

What Type Of Mower Is Best? 

(Front-Wheel vs. Rear-Wheel vs. All-Wheel Drive Lawn Mowers):  

Front-wheel drive (FWD) Advantages:

    • Maneuverability: FWD is the best model to choose for mowing Level Terrain.
    • Turning:  Because the front wheels engage the drive turning the mower simply requires you to tip the front wheels up, spin, and start mowing a new row of grass.  FWD mowers are great for small yards that require lots of turns

(FWD) Disadvantages:

  • Loss of traction due to less weight over front wheels doesn’t work as well on bumpy or irregular yards.

Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) Advantages:

  • Uneven Terrain: RWD models are a better choice for Hilly or Uneven terrain, due to the weight being centered in the middle, and providing more traction and power over bumpier or steep lawns.  
  • Cut:  Most agree that RWD models provide a more manicured/even cut lawn because the mower is more stable over any irregular ground.
  • Bagging:  RWD is also very helpful when bagging since more weight is over the rear wheels providing even more traction for hills, etc.
  • Power:  RWD is a more powerful drive vs. FWD.

(RWD) Disadvantages:  

  • Maneuverability:   Rear-wheel drive is more difficult to pull backward since the rear wheels are always engaged with the drive motor.
  • Turning: It is more difficult than an FWD model because you need to disengage the drive or slow the speed manually, to turn the mower before the next pass.

All-Wheel Drive (AWD) Advantages:

  • Best possible traction for Hilly or Uneven Terrain since all 4 wheels are engaged
  • Better balance and weight distribution

(AWD) Disadvantages

  • Price.  AWD models tend to be the most expensive to purchase
  • Maneuverability. Similar to RWD models, you need to disengage the drive or manually slow the speed at each turn.

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If you’re getting ready to buy a new lawnmower, be sure to keep in mind what features are most important to you. The type of terrain you have and the number of turns your lawn has is very important to make a sound decision.

While Honda makes our list for the Editors Choice Self propelled mower – You may be a “Craftsman” kind of customer – our runner-up in today’s review.  Likewise, if you’re looking to save a little money, consider the powerful 200cc up-and-comer from PowerSmart.

By carefully taking stock of each mower’s features and how they will relate to your own lawn and budget, you can make the right purchase.


Thanks for visiting BestHomeGear.Com and good luck with your “Self-Propelled Lawn Mower” Selection!

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